Women’s Fashion – Trendy Handbags For Your Spring Wardrobe

Every woman knows that no wardrobe is complete without the perfect purse. Shopping for a purse can be exhausting. Going from store to store in search of the perfect one to carry your important possessions around can be time consuming and frustrating. From the simple to the outrageous there is a bag out there to please even the pickiest of purse buyers. If you’re planning on hitting the stores in search of the the handbag to complete your spring wardrobe here is a look at what’s hot this this season.

  • Exotic Reptiles: If you’re a fan of fashion inspired by snakes and crocodiles you’re in luck. This season’s exotic reptile skin purses are extremely popular. Ranging from classic snake skins to iridescent crocodile hides you should be able to find a hobo or a clutch in a bold pattern that reflects your love for the wild side.
  • Bright and Bold: This spring’s collection of purses have been referred to as candy. This sweet title comes from the bold and bright colors that are filling stores everywhere. Gone are the muted colors of winter, replaced by the bright hues that make spring so fun. Pick your spirits up while you brighten up your wardrobe with a flashy orange or multi-colored handbag. The bright colors turn your purse into a terrific arm accessory bring flair to simple outfits.
  • Heavy Metal: While fashion as a whole has seemed to make a quick stop in the 70’s, purses are taking a that approach to a new level. Rock N’ Roll is a great way to describe the latest purses. This seasons handbags are into heavy metal with large gold, silver, and black chains and other loud embellishments. Look for purses made using patent leather and metallic materials.
  • Super Sized: Tired of trying to balance between a clutch and bags resembling luggage all the while staying fashionable? This season over sized is in especially when it comes to the hobo. The trend in purses this season make it possible to bring everything you need without carrying a duffel bag on your shoulder or worrying about whether your zipper is going to break under pressure. For an added bonus look for a over sized handbag inspired by 60’s and 70’s vintage wear.
  • Simple Sophistication: While a large majority of the purses out there this season will leave your head spinning there are a few that use simplicity as their claim fame. If sophistication is a must for your purse of choice, then you will definitely be able to find one that fits your requirements. Spring is full of simple yet stylish purses in timeless color combinations like black and white or brown and tan. Details are kept to a minimum and there is a return to feminine chic that hasn’t been seen in awhile.

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