Women’s Fashion in 2008 – That’s a Wrap

70’s inspired clothing is really in this season which makes the wrap dress the perfect addition to your closet. Once extremely popular when they hit the runways in the early 70’s they’ve been laying dormant close to 30 years making the occasional appearance in the early 90’s. Lucky for you 2008 has fully welcomed this easy to wear dress and you should be able to find one you love at your favorite clothing store.

Why You’ll Love the Wrap

For women who are slightly curvier or on the fuller side the wrap dress was definitely made with you in mind. While these dresses look great on almost any body type it’s the full breasted curvy hip women out there who really benefit from this style. It lifts, separates and breaks up the body in such a way that your curves become your number one asset. One of the biggest benefits of this dress is the hour glass appearance it gives those who wear it. Worn the right way this dress can mask bellies while playing up hips and flatter that junk in your trunk without flattening it out. Gone are the days when stick thin was in and more and more women are learning the it’s the hips and the breast that make a women who she is. This dresses embraces the woman.

What if I’m super thin you say? Have no fear you can wear this dress just as proudly as your thicker sisters. The art of mastering the wrap lies within knowing and understanding what works with your body type. Those of you who are super thin or have smaller breast can wear wrap dresses that have adjustable ties and are less ruffly up top. In keeping with the rule of less is more, your goal is to find a wrap dress that gives you a little extra up top by limiting the amount of fabric used in your chest area. If you can’t find one that fits perfectly you can always rely on the good ol’ push up bra for some assistance in pulling of this sassy fashion.

How to Pull of the Wrap

  • Before you choose a wrap it’s important to figure out what body type you are. Different wraps will look good on different body types. Full figured women will look good with fuller skirts where as small framed women will need dresses that aren’t as full.
  • Since the wrap dress has the tendency to pick up panty lines which can draw attention to your tummy, be sure to choose the right underwear. If you are concerned about your stomach area look for some quality shape wear to really look terrific in this dress.
  • Patterns are very popular when it comes to wrap dresses but be careful when choosing one. You need to keep your body type in mind and know what works best with it. For fuller figured women, choose diagonal or vertical patterns and stay away from the tiny patterns that can make you look larger than you really are.
  • Wrap dresses are fun and easy to accessorize for any occasion so be creative when it comes to personalizing yours. Experiment with different belts, bracelets, shoes, and tights or leggings to really make it your own.

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