Women's Fashion – Fashion Rules to Live By

8 Rules to follow to ensure you do not make common fashion mistakes. These rules help you look your best and give the best first impression.

1. Buy clothes that fit-This is the number one most important rule to follow. Many women that lack confidence buy oversized clothing thinking that it will hide their imperfections. Unfortunately, the resulting effect is sloppiness and a lack of femininity.

On the other end of the spectrum there are women that buy clothes with the plans to lose weight but never do. Women wearing unflattering tight clothes resemble overinflated Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons that could pop at any moment.

2. Cover up-Don't show everything to everyone. Showing too much cleavage or wearing too short of skirts may give the distinct impression that you are easy or even selling something. In everyday situations, have some class and practice some modesty.

3. Choose correct undergarments-It is so important to wear the right underwear. One of the worst but most common mistakes made women is showing panty lines when wearing well fitted pants or skirts. This can be avoided by wearing a thong or by choosing clothing that is less tight.

The same applies to bras. Choose bras that fit properly so that people can not see bra lines or bulging breasts under your clothing. Also, if you're wearing a light-colored shirt, do not wear a black or bright colored bra that can be easily seen through the fabric.

With low riding pants being so popular, it is very common to see a woman's underwear when a woman sits down or bends over. Although common, this is a fashion no-no. Find the correct underwear that can stay hidden during all movement. A general rule to remember about underwear is that it should not be seen while wearing clothing. Its name explains it all: it is meant to be worn under garments.

4. Iron your clothes-It is always a hassle but if your clothes are wrinkled, iron them. Wrinkled clothes give the impression of sloppiness and a general disregard for your appearance. If you really hate ironing avoid buying linen clothes or any fabric that is to wrinkling.

5. Dress your age-It is hard to admit your age sometimes, but unfortunately, it is also difficult to hide it. Do not try to hide your age by wearing youthful revealing clothing. This does not mean you have to wear grandma panties and cardigans, but rather, just choose clothing that promotes respect and flatters your aging body.

6. Match your shoes with outfit-A general rule is that the color of your shoes should match your outfit or at least the style should match. For example, if you are wearing a nice dress do not wear your casual flip flops with it.

7. Accessorize to compliment-Avoid loud and obnoxious jewelry and accessories that distract from your clothing. Your accessories are meant to compliment your outfit outfit, not demand attention to itself.

8. Do not wear too many colors-Combining too many colors in one outfit can look messy and be distracting. As a general rule, only mix two to three colors.

Because first impressions are often gathered by appearance, clothing explains who you are and what you are about. Make sure your clothing reflects your true self rather than detracting from it by following these simple rules. If followed, these women's fashion rules can ensure that your dress will demand respect and at the same time make you attractive.

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