Wine Addiction and How to Fight It

Wine is a great alcoholic drink with great health benefits tied to it, but alcoholic nonetheless. A handful of people are unable to stick to the one to two glasses a day policy and end up giving into every urge they get to down a glass. Sometimes they become slaves of wine, and then addiction sets in. There's nothing positive about being an addict, and if you happen to be one, there are some approaches that you could take to help you fight off the habit.

The first is usually determination. You have to make up your mind that you want to quit altogether. Saying that you will only be drinking during the weekends only degrades any progress that you may have made. You can not drink down one bottle in a day and then say you are going to stop the following day as it just does not work like that. The secret is taking a step at a time and progressing with each milestone. That means you can employ some methods to reduce the amount of alcohol that you take in. If you are a social person and you go to social gatherings where wine is compulsory, you can dilute your glass of champagne by using water or a fizzy drink like a soda. You will absolutely have reduced the amount of alcohol you will have taken. This has to be a repeated procedure and not one that occurs occasionally.

You could also join a support group and get encouragement from the other people in your situation. Nothing is more supportive than this and with enough dedication you will be able to overcome it. AA is one such support group. Always remember to keep your mind occupied at all times. Idol relaxation will only fill your head with wine drinking ideas so make sure your mind is kept busy always.

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