Why Would You Buy Your Sterling Silver Flatware From EBay?

Just think about this, eBay is the world wide treasure chest of attic, dinning room and estate on earth. Just selection by specific item name alone can not be matched. When you buy a piece of silverware on eBay, the chances of something going wrong is very slim. The buyers know what they want and most sellers are knowledgeable dealers too. If the listing does not provide accurate information, and the terms are not air tight, you can simply pass it by and buy it from someone else.

eBay as a Value Reference for Silverware

I simply can not count the number of times I have sat down in front of my computer with a piece of silverware in my hand and a big question mark over my head. With the use of eBay's key word search, I have more often than not be able to identify what piece it is I am holding, who made it and what is the going price on eBay. As a seller, this tells me where I should be listing on eBay, and as a buyer, this tells me what I can expect to pay for a piece of silverware. Do not think you can do that on a retail store or auction house!

The Secret of Searching for Silverware on eBay

I should not be telling you this till you were slightly older, but since you look like you can handle it, here it goes. The problem with searching on eBay on anything made of silver is when the search result comes in. You are bombarded by hundreds if not thousands of listing for charms made of silver. Now, what should you do? Well in the search window, when typing in the search words, also include a minus sign and charms – or whatever items you want to omit from the search. Then * poof *, these items will be omitted from the search.

For example "Oneida silver -fork". Get it?

So have fun searching for your collection on eBay. It would be the best experience and sometimes, it can get addictive too.

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