What is the Exact Definition of Fashion

What is the exact definition of fashion? Nobody is able to provide the most content answer! We are likely to call something such as styles and customs prevalent at a given time fashion. However, fashion is more described as the popular clothing style in its most common usage nowadays.

Different kinds of fashions are welcomed in many cultures at different given time. What seems more significant is the idea that the course of design and fashion will carry on in a much faster speed than the whole culture. This is the base of success for a certain fashion absolutely. As for fashion followers, are you ready to change more quickly than culture around you?

Considering fashion as a social phenomenon is common at present, which includes architecture, interior and landscape design, arts and crafts, body type, clothing, cosmetics, personal grooming, hairstyle and personal adornment, entertainment, fast fashion, social networks and so on. Is there any item dominative at any time? I am glad to hear this question from one college student. What is your idea? No matter what answer you will give to me, I have to admit the answer to this question is absolutely positive! Is there anybody who does not care clothing, changes, media?

Clothing seems lying in the front place on the fashion market all the time. An interesting investigation by some historians on the continuously changing clothing styles among urban populations was carried out years ago, whose result astonished people completely—people change their clothing as a distinctively habit! Is this incredible? Anyway, it proves the reality that nobody is willing to remain the same image all the time! In front of fashion, everybody is equal absolutely! Changes on clothing patterns have taken place more while economic and social change such as in ancient Rome and 8th century while the famous musician of Ziryab introduced sophisticated clothing styles based on seasonal and daily timings from his hometown and of course his inspirations. What about fashion in nowadays? It is right to say fashion changes in a speed nearly ten times faster than before. Fashion coming out the most unexpectedly, even disharmoniously may dominate the fashion market completely!

Why I place changes on such a fashion range? Don’t they seem unrelated at all? No! Changes are the most basic energy in fashion. There is no doubt paying attention to changes on fields of human activity, fashion embodiments, people’s desires and so on functions like injecting some active force in fashion. Who dominates the changes in fashion? Are they fashion houses or their associated fashion designers, or well-known celebrities? Who knows? In any case, impact of such changes depends on many aspects like economic status.

Media plays the same role with social, political and cultural in affecting how fashion is viewed! Brooke Kelley, a fashion editor, pointed out an effect in the industry that TV, magazines and blogs dictating to the consumers what to wear. It is right to wear according to information you get from the media because it turned out as a result of research of popular ideas among the people.

Have you found the exact definition of fashion? Isn’t it a group of people bouncing ideas off of one another, like any other form of art?

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