What Does a Seriously Complete Collection Include?

The most extreme case for a large sterling flatware collection might look something like the two lists below for a placesetting and for serving pieces. The pieces in an individual place setting would be something like the list below:

One Complete Place Setting

1 Dinner-size knife

1 Dinner-size fork

1 Luncheon-size knife

1 Luncheon-size fork

1 Dinner-size steak knife

1 Luncheon-size steak knife

1 Teaspoon

1 Salad Fork

1 Cream Soup Spoon

1 Butter Knife

1 Boullion Spoon

1 Fish Fork (part of what is called a Fish Set with the Fish Knife below)

1 Fish Knife

1 Oval Soup or Dessert Spoon

1 Ice Cream Fork (these are extremely rare in some patterns)

1 Five O’Clock Spoon

1 Demitasse Spoon

1 Iced Tea Spoon

1 Cocktail Fork

1 Grapefruit Spoon (with small serrated teeth on the end of the spoon)

1 Fruit Spoon (perhaps the same as a Grapefruit spoon)

1 Fruit Knife

22 Total Pieces

Complete Serving Piece Package

Suggestions for a fairly complete collection of serving pieces (some items would include multiple copies) would include most of the items below, but keep in mind there are dozens of unusual pieces such as the pasta server, asparagus server, food pusher, etc. out there in some patterns:

Solid Table Spoons

Pierced Table Spoons

Gravy Ladles

Sugar Shell Spoon

Master Butter Knife (FH)

Oyster or Small Sauce Ladle

Mustard Ladle

Cheese Knife

Cake Server

Pie Server

Sugar Tongs

Jelly Server Spoon

Cold Meat Fork

Carving Knife

Carving Fork

Pickle Fork (3 tine)

Picke Fork (2 tine)

Bon-Bon Spoon (Pierced)

Tomato Server (HH or FH)

Buffet Forks (2 tine)

Baked Potato Fork (a twisted-tine Buffet Fork)

Caviar Spoon (an actual sea shell attached to a sterling handle as the touch of silver ruins caviar)

Wooden Salad Fork with Sterling Handle

Wooden Salad Spoon with Sterling Handle

Butter Pick

Horseradish Spoon

Cheese Spoon

Pate Fork

Dinner Bell

Candle Snuffer

Have fun collecting them all.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Schnell, zuverlässig und kompetent

Source by Rod Low

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