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Couples should never hesitate when deciding to start a gift registry. Do you really need two toasters and a popcorn machine that you'll never use? A gift registry is the perfect way of telling your guests exactly what it is that you've both love to receive as a wedding gift. Sometimes couples that are starting from scratch need certain things. It's better to receive things that you'll need and use, rather than receiving a dust-collector. Right?

Starting a wedding gift registry is actually quite simple. First, you both need to select a department store. Just a note: If you're registering at a high-end department store, make sure that you select several gifts that are affordable to a loved one that may not have a large budget.

Call the department store that you've selected to schedule an appointment. You'll also wish to reserve a hand-held scanner to scan your items for their prices. Caution: Avoid the weekends at all costs. Pick a day like Monday or Wednesday evening to perform this duty. It's less crowded and the staff will be available to help you with any questions you may have.

When you get to Kitchenware, go nuts with small gadgets and utensils. This is very considerate to your guests who may not be in the present financial status to spend $ 300 on a gas BBQ grill for you. Even though these small items add up, you'll have more in your kitchen as a result. Additional small items to shop around for: picture frames, barware, wall-art, window coverings, decorative rugs, linens, and lamps. Remember, do not go for the most expensive because you're not the one buying it. Look at these things as if YOU were the one purchasing it. Do you feel it's worth the money? Is it something that you'd love to see in your home? If you've both answered 'yes,' add it to the registry.

Also, do not get cooked up in the excitation of small appliances. If you add a microwave to your list, do you need a toaster oven? It's all about priorities. Needs versus wants. It's important that you keep that in mind through your tour in the department store. Most importantly, if you find yourself disagreeing whether you need something or not-walk away from the item. Discuss it later, you can always add it to the list the next day, if it's THAT important. Whatever it is, it's definitely not worth fighting over!

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