Wedding Invitations

A way to cut costs for my wedding was on the invitations. I didn’t really think of this until my husband reminded me that people will either:

1. Lose them

2. Will eventually throw them out after the wedding.

When you think about it, no one really cares about what the invitations look like. Out of all the weddings you have been to can you remember one or still have it? I am guessing the answer is no.

I have been invited to weddings were the invitations were quite plain but they really only serve one purpose. They are for telling people your getting married and to be here at this time and date and rsvp by this date.

If you endless amounts of money then of course spend $10 an invitation if you want but for most of us we want to have our dream wedding without breaking the bank.

I picked up my invitations for AU $0.95 each.

This included the invitation basics on it and envelopes. All I had to do was write on their names & rsvp date for the invitations and that was it. Very simple and easy.

To make them look fancier I added a magnet onto the back of the invitation so my guests could put it on the fridge and not throw it in a draw and get lost. These cost about $10 from eBay for 100 of them.

The envelope was plain on the outside but I bought small heart stickers from eBay for $2.50 for 100 and placed one on the top left hand corner on the front.

I also bought bigger square cherub stickers (to match the invitations) to act as a seal on the back. These cost about $5.00 for 100 again from Ebay.

I wrote on the envelope and invitation in gold pen which cost me $2.00.

To save extra money I did not send a rsvp card with it. I did not have any complaints from guests as there were just as happy to send through an email or phone instead of taking the effort to post something back.

I have helped my cousin plan her wedding and she had rsvp cards with her invitations. They cost her about $2.00 each and out of 100 guests she only received 5 back. What a waste!

In this day and age the normal traditional wedding guidelines don’t always get followed as we decide how we want our wedding to run.

Another tip I learnt from other weddings is that when people arrive at the wedding place at a certain time which is great and was outlined on the invitations. If they need to drive somewhere else or change locations people get confused and have no idea.

The same thing happened to my husband and I. We actually got lost going from the chapel to the reception and we were an hour late and there were also other people that were later as we had no clue as to where we were supposed to be.

I am a very organised people and the 2 weddings I went to were unorganised and we all stood around going where do we go, when is dinner etc

A great idea is to add a note on how the day will plan out. use it as a running sheet so people can relax. I sent this plain piece of cream paper with my invitations to tell people exactly where, when and what they need to do on the day so everyone knew what was going on. I also put the afternoon outline, I put directions to the wedding venue, accommodation details, wishing well poem and the contact details for rsvp.

It made me feel stress free knowing that no-one had an excuse of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I have been invited to one wedding this year exactly a month after mine and I received the invitation 2 weeks before. We had know the date & that it was local but other than that we had no idea what gift they wanted, what time it started so we could arrange a babysitter.

As much as invitations are a pain and take time you need to give people at least 2 months notice and even more for interstate or overseas guests so they can arrange flights and accommodation.

In saying that, I made a huge mistake with sending my invitations out too early. I sent my overseas & interstate guests their invitation 10 months before our wedding.

The local ones in about July/September. What a big ordeal…. Due to me having to have everything organised, I had people pulling out 3 weeks before the wedding.

This was a major pain as the venue needed final numbers & full payment 3 weeks before the wedding date. So we had already paid for 90 guests and gave the venue the numbers. Then after this for the next 3 weeks we had 20 people pull out & said they couldn’t come.

I was sooo mad and frustrated. Eventually we needed to call on people who were reserves just to fill seats so we didn’t have gaps everywhere and waste money.

If I had my time over again I would not send them out so early 2 months before is fine.

There is a wedding on the 22nd of September and we only found out we were invited by a friend of the bride on the 27th of August.

It is now 2 weeks before the wedding and we have no idea where it is or what time it starts. We had to rsvp to the friend that told us…once again this to me is slack and makes everyone involved stressed and frustrated.

Tip: If you think people will rsvp on the date you write on the invitations then think again. I had the rsvp date for 2 months before the wedding and I was still chasing people up about 1 month after that to see whether they were coming.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Keep invitation costs to a bare minimum

2. Use eBay to purchase extras to make them look better

3. Try & add a fact sheet to avoid people being late or mucking up your plans

4. Give guests enough time but not too much time to receive and reply to the invitation dates

I can give you an exact amount on what I spend for 100 invitations:

Invites + Envelopes = AU $95.00

Gold Pen = AU $2.00

Magnets = AU $10.00

Cherub Stickers = AU $5.00

Heart Stickers = AU $2.50

Total Spent = AU $114.50

If you have already began looking you can see that some invitations start as high as $2.00 a piece.

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