Wedding Gift Registry – Top 3 Ideas

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, and what gifts you and your partner are expecting for is a part of the process. Gift registries are available in numerous stores across your metropolitan area, and a registry can be tailored for specific needs. What and where are the best places to have your registry? Here are three great registry ideas to consider:

1. Big department stores are perfect

Sears, Macy's, Walmart and Target are some fine examples or multi item stores with wedding gift registry departments within. Even though these types of stores may be multi departmental and even multi-sized in size, you will not be restricted to a certain area for your registry needs. Usually given an electronic device that records every price tag scanned, you and your partner will be able to roam freely through the store scanning items as they catch your eye and appeal. The best attributes to having the registry in a large department store is the ability to have a wide range of gift options at a wide range of prices, as well as the stores in-house service of tracking your guests choices and removing each one from your List as it is bought; Negating double ups.

From furnishings to knick knacks, paintings to entertainment items, the choice can be endless and at prices that will make your guests smile.

2. Specialist stores for a more personal choice range

A more specific store for your bridal registry may be required if you and your partner are already set with the home wares typically included on registries. Whether you decide to choose sole electronics, bedding items or even entertainment, the ability to tailor your gift expectation is in your hands. From Ikea furnishings to DVD mega stores, whatever is most atop your wish list can be made into your registry. Some specialist stores will have a registry service, alternatively a small note at the bottom of your invitations leading guests in the right direction can be sufficient.

3. Adventure or social gifts

This is perfect for you and your partner if you have been able to amass all the usual wedding registry items that you need. If an abundance of glass wares and china dishes is not wanted a great option is to ask for gifts of activity. Once the honeymoon is over, couples often mourn the time spent day by day frolicing and generally having fun together. A gift of adventure helps keep the spirit of honeymoon alive. Whether it is a voucher to go to a restaurant, or movies or white water rafting it can be the best kind of gift to receive.

There is no need to conform to the expected norms of wedding registry, sit and talk to your partner about the options, look around you and see where you could most benefit and allow yourself to think outside the box. Wedding gifts are meant to be treasured, send your guests in the right direction so that it is assured.

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