Wedding Gift Registry – How to Choose the Right One and Bridal Gift Registry Tips

Wedding Gift Registry – how to choose the right one for you! And, what to put on your Bridal Gift Registry!

Are you torn about what kind of criminal registry to choose? Should you go with Bed Bath and Beyond? Target? Wal-Mart? Macy's? It's a tough decision. What if you like items at different stores? How many registries should you have? How do you know what to register for?

Here are FIVE TIPS to help you decide, as well as Wedding Gift Registry ideas:

1. First, what store are you and your fiance the most comfortable with? You and your fiance are going to have to take time to register and look at items, so choose a store you actually like. Beside, you are also registering for items that you should like too!

2. If you already have your housewares, consider an alternative registry – like a Dream Home Registry or a Honeymoon Registry.

3. Consider your guests – do not pick the most expensive registry on the planet, if your guests will not be able to afford it. You should have a variety of price ranges in your registry.

4. As to what to include on your registry, take a look at what household items you have or do not have and which ones may need to be replaced. Start a list. Take a look at sample registries and see if you've missed something. It's okay to put a few wants on there too, but just make sure you prioritize and put down the items you actually need too! Otherwise, you'll be buying them later!

5. If you need more than one registry, two is okay, but at three and beyond, it gets a little tacky …

As a note, if you're really looking for a more universal registry and can not narrow it down, check out Amazon – they have a Universal Registry button that can help link multiple registries!

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