Wallace Silversmiths and Its Sterling Silver Flatware

The Wallace Silversmiths

Wallace Silversmiths is one of the oldest and most successful silverware companies in the United States. Founded in 1833 by Robert Wallace, its silverwares was made with the criteria of excellent innovation, design and quality. Even till this day, every single piece of Wallace Silverware bears not only it's company hallmark, but also Wallace's reputable standards for beauty, elegance and durability.

Robert Wallace was born in 1815, in Scotland, to a family of a long line of silversmith. By the time he was 16, he began his apprenticeship in Meriden Britannia Company under Captain William Mix. By the time he was 28, he began producing his own spoons in his own shop. In one of his shopping trips in New York City, he came upon a piece of flatware made from nickel alloy which they called German silver, impressed by its strength and beauty, he looked for the chemist who held the formula and bought it. Later, he also found someone who held the recipe of metal making and bought that as well. Soon, he was offering entire silverplate flatware services.

Wallace Distinguishing Patterns

In the late 1800s, Wallace Silversmith introduced three of their solid sterling designs, "The Crown," "Hawthorne," and "St. Leon." However, it was their now famous pattern, "Grand Baroque," that Wallace Silversmiths finally made their name as one of the most elegant silver companies in the world. Even till this day, "Grand Baroque" is still one of the most popular and thought after patterns for elegant tableware.

A few examples of Wallace Sterling can be found on eBay. And some of the most charming sets for beginning collector are made up of individual pieces. Due to their standards of elegance and durability, Wallace Pieces are sure to be treasured for generations by generations.

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