Using a Wedding Gift Registry to Pay For Your Honeymoon

With all the stresses and difficulties you face during the wedding planning, you cannot wait for your honeymoon. You feel that it is surely the best way to culminate the whole wedding event. However, just before you are able to plan for this much-anticipated trip, you are stunned to see that there is hardly any budget left for it. The budget you have allotted for this occasion has been depleted.

Do not lose heart. The concept of honeymoon wedding gift registry has been recently invented to assist the couple financially in this unforgettable trip. Whether you choose to spend an afternoon in the gondolas in Venice or have an exotic beach getaway in Barbados, a honeymoon gift-wedding registry will help you achieve your dream honeymoon.

So how does this exactly work?

A honeymoon bridal registry works this way: a couple signs up for this kind of registry and guests give gifts that pertain to the couple’s honeymoon. So instead of bequeathing the couple with the usual pots, pans, and other household items, guests can choose among these options, which may include airfare, hotel accommodation, massage or spa services, romantic dinners, gift cards for pocket money, vacation activities (snorkeling, diving, water sports, mountain climbing), and admission tickets to tourist spots.

Where do I find this kind of registry?

Many travel agencies now provide honeymoon gift registry services but an easier route would be to find an online honeymoon bridal registry that would enable guests to access anytime, anywhere.

How do I sign up?

Sign-up process varies from one honeymoon bridal registry site to another but it is generally easy and simple. All it would take is a couple of minutes of your time and then you can work your way to build a wedding website and honeymoon registry. After this, you can spread the word to family and friends so they can start bequeathing you with precious honeymoon gifts that you would never forget.

What do I look for in a honeymoon wedding registry?

Just like with any aspect of your wedding shopping, you also need to be smart when looking for a honeymoon registry. You do not want to go for a registry that would axe you with a high service fee or a registry that would not comply with its promises. Some of the things you need to ask before making a decision include:

  1. How much does it cost to register?
  2. How much is the service fee?
  3. Are there any other fees to pay for?
  4. What kind of services do you provide?
  5. Do you help in the announcement of the registry?
  6. Are gifts redeemable in cash?
  7. How would you notify use if a gift were purchased?

With so many expenses to take care of for the wedding event, the last thing you need is to worry where you will get the money to spend on your honeymoon. Sign-up with a honeymoon registry so you would have nothing to worry about. This kind of gift is both beneficial for you and the guest. Your guests would surely be happy to give you something that would help you attain the dream honeymoon you have always wanted.

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