Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment 32 oz. - 16 Treatments

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Say goodbye to embarrassing tank odors and clogs with formaldehyde-free RV Digest-It. Now you can travel comfortably! Unique’s advanced blend of waste-eating bacteria are unrivaled in their ability to restore dirty tank sensors, eliminate tank odors, and liquefy waste in your gray and black tanks. With RV Digest-It, buying expensive, thin, RV toilet paper is unnecessary! We guarantee that all of your black and gray tanks will be flowing smoothly, including those using household toilet paper, after treating your tanks with RV Digest-It. RV Digest-It goes to work immediately and will out-work other RV tank treatments in just a few hours and because everything is turned into liquid, dumping is always easy. Our proprietary blend of bacterial cleaners are exceptionally resilient and will outwork other bacteria-based cleaners in very low and very high temperatures. Unique’s proprietary cleaners are designed and manufactured in their Colorado plant using American Made components and contain no harsh chemicals or scary additives which means they’re completely safe for your family, pets, and septic systems. If you don’t absolutely love RV Digest-It, don’t worry! Every bottle comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! RV Digest-It: “We’re In The Line Of Doody!”Digests Solids and Eliminates Foul Tank Odors with advanced bacteria/enzyme formula – formaldehyde free
Unclogs Completely Clogged Holding Tanks Overnight
Cleans and Restores Tank Sensors and level gauges
Less Than $1 Per Dump
Digests All Types of Toilet Paper – no need to use expensive, uncomfortable RV toilet paper

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