Try Making A Baby Shower Gift Card Gift Basket

Trying to think of a fun and unique baby shower gift basket idea for your friends baby shower? There are so many ideas out there and so many things you can do. The important thing is to think about the person you are giving the gift to and what she likes!

One really unique gift shower basket that you can make on your own easily is a gift card basket. Why a gift card you might ask? Well, often is the baby is the first born the parents to be have no idea of the things they need. They also will often get duplicates of gifts and then be forced to exchange and return gifts. Therefore a fun and unique idea is to assemble a gift basket of gift cards.


By giving a few different gift cards you are allowing for a great deal of flexibility. They will be able to go shopping at their own leisure after the baby is born. They are not locked into purchasing a certain item or being stuck with a gift they will not use. The gift card can be a practical and easy way to say to someone go out and get whatever it is you need.

For example with our first born we registered one series of baby bottles that we decided later did not work for us. However, we had tons of them since they were on our registry list many people were kind and got them for us. However, it was all wrong and we did not know until after our baby was born. We were then stuck exchanging the bottles and trying to find something from that store that would work for us using store credit. We then had to go to another store to actually purchase the bottles that we wanted.

By giving a gift card you allow the couple to be some flexibility in their shopping and they can find items that will work for them.

No Returns

With a gift card you can be sure that the parents to be will not have to go and return the item you gave them. This saves them a great deal of time and the big hassle of a return. It also eliminates the gift receipt and trying to hold on and track all of the receipts for the different gifts they were given.

Fill In the Gaps

Often after the baby shower is completely over and the baby has been born there are inevitable other things the couple will find they need. At this point it would be nice to have a gift card and be able to fill in the missing items they need without having to worry about money.


By giving a baby shower gift card basket the couple can use the gift cards at a time that works best for them. This is often after the baby has been born and they can make a great first outing. They can also hold on to the card for longer and decide to use it whenever they want.

A Random Sampling

If you are putting together a gift card baby shower basket it is nice to get what I call a random sampling of gift cards. While this is really not a random process it helps make sense of the idea. In fact this is an exact science. You will want to get a variety of gift cards so they can be used at different times when needed. For example a gift card to any of the following places would be very useful

Bookstore – This card can be used to purchase a parenting book or even leisure reading book. Or it might be used to purchase some books for the baby like the “Baby Einstein” series.

Food To Go – This is one that is a real life saver. After the birth of your first child and after you have been waking up every three hours throughout the first few nights you will find that you are way to tired to cook food and are in no shape to go out and eat. This is where a gift card from a local restaurant that offer order to go can be a very useful and in fact lifesaving gift. They can simply phone in an order and then let mom go and pick it up while dad takes care of the baby for a little while. This allows mom a little outing and dad a chance to spend time with the newborn while also feeding their hungry stomachs.

Baby Store – This one is kind of obvious but providing a gift card to the local Babies R Us or other baby items store can be a real life saver also. It will help to purchase formula, diapers or items that find they need like a bottle warmer or a different stroller.

By collecting cards from a few different places and assembling them together in a fun gift basket you can give a very practical gift and one that is a lot of fun. Try giving a baby shower gift card basket at your next shower and watch as people faces light up! It is definitely a unique baby shower gift basket idea and a useful one to boot.

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