Trim-Lok Rubber Seal EPDM Closed Cell Sponge Rubber with BT (3M) High Strength Tape System, Rectangle (Ribbed), Height 0.187 inch, Width 0.375 inch, Length 25 feet

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Rubber Seals create an easy-to-close seal against dust, noise, and vibration. Cut to length with scissors or knife. Available with two adhesive application options: high-strength foam acrylic adhesive (BT) creates an airtight seal between the rubber and substrate and has low initial tack for easy repositioning. The (BT) high strength tape system creates the ultimate bond between the rubber and substrate, has the highest peel and shear resistance, and can be used under high loads of stress and force. Also, has low initial tack for easy repositioning during installation and requires 72 hours of cure time for full bond strength. General-purpose pressure sensitive adhesive (HT) is ideal for light-duty applications and is best used to hold the rubber seal in place while installed in a static application or compressed between two stationary objects. (HT) may be used in some light duty dynamic applications against a variety of substrates.Seals out moisture and dust while alleviating noise vibration
Come in a variety of specially designed shapes, made from custom formulated EPDM closed cellular sponge
Excellent resistance to water absorption, ozone, sunlight aging, low temperature and compression set
Ensure bonding surface is properly cleaned (50/50 denatured alcohol and water solution) prior to installation
Rectangle (Ribbed) Rubber Seal, BT (3M) Bonded Foam Acrylic Tape System, 0.187 inch height, 0.375 inch width, 25 feet length

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