Towle Flatware – Various Types

Towle stainless steel flatware in America is known for their knives and other slicing instruments, whereas in Europe, they are very well known for knives, forks and spoons for everyday use. It is ideal to choose products made of high quality stainless steel.

Alternatively Pewter can also be used except in most cases stainless is the preferred option for most people’s kitchens due to the quality. It is possible to get disposable flatware and this normally comes in plastic.

The range of Towle stainless steel flatware is made to a high quality regarding their cutting blades and with an emphasis on fine detail. There are many various types to choose from to suit everyone. One of the ranges is the XL flatware this can be used for a number of different purposes in the kitchen, from preparing and serving food to eating food as well.

There are spoons for young infants as well, starting at the baby from twelve to twenty-four months. Those of you who like to prepare and serve deserts will enjoy the range offering cake forks and cake-serving forks, and a cake knife can also be purchased if so desired for cakes and pastries.

Those of you who like to offer a cheese board to your family and guests will like the cheese cleaver that is available in the range. Then for the coffee to follow there is also the demitasse spoon by Towle for you to serve after dinner refreshments, ideal for coffee or tea. Those guests who enjoy an after dinner liqueur will love the double jigger you have which is part of the flatware range ideal for drinks.

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