Tips on Buying Chinese Vases

Isn't it annoying when you spend so much money on a Chinese vase only to realize later on that it was a fake and that you bought it for much more than it was worth? I once had the exact same experience when I bought this vase from a vendor in China. The vase he was selling did look really beautiful and sturdy, so i bought it even though it was a bit expensive.

I brought it home with me. Then after a few weeks I saw the paint chipping off and the vase transforms into a different grayish color. And one day there was this huge crack on it. That was when I decided to follow a different approach when buying Chinese vases. I researched online for tips on how to do so and received the following advice:

Make sure the quality of the vase is good, so that it will not break on you in the future

Make sure the design was painted well, so it will not fade and crack over time

Make sure the vase is genuine, so you will not waste good money on a fake product

While this and other similar advice are good to follow, it will be difficult to know whether or not it is sturdy, painted well or genuine when you are buying from some random vendor. Instead of taking the gamble, you should buy your Chinese vase from a reliable source instead. I searched online for various sources from which I could buy my vase when I came across this website.

Not only did it have an extensive lineup of vases available – they vary in shape, size, design, etc .– but it sold these at the most affordable prices. Since the site looked very professional and I found a vase I liked on it, I decided to try purchasing from the website. The vase arrived in my house in good condition.

It was securely cushioned within the box it was mailed in. I placed it on display and after a couple of moths it still looked as good as new. Visitors who came to my house also commented on how beautiful the vase was, so I was indeed very satisfied with my Chinese vase.

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