Tips and Tricks on How to Make Beaded Silverware

Beaded silverware is popping up everywhere in fine boutiques, and no wonder, it is exquisite. What if you could learn how to make it for yourself? I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to make your own beaded silverware.

The possibilities for design are endless because there is such an array of silverware pieces that can be beaded. Not to mention the limitless color combinations that can be created with glass beads. Once you get started the sky is the limit.

Tip # 1

The beads are what really make these silverware pieces stand out. Experiment with different size beads and arrangements to see what style you like the best.

Some different ideas include using only a few medium sized beads or dozens of small seed beads. Mixing different sizes and shapes of beads creates an intricate look.

The placement of beads is another style choice to make. You can either clump them together at one end of the handle, or space them out along the entire length.

Buy quality glass beads that have a whole large enough to thread a wire through.

Tip # 2

The wire you choose will have an impact on the overall look. You can either incorporate it into the design, or use it to simply secure the beads to the silverware piece. Be sure that the wire you choose will not rust and is safe to use for food service.

To make the wire a part of the design, choose a heavier gauge wire and twist it into a design. Please note that the heavier the gauge of wire, the more stiff it will be, so be sure that the wire you choose is still malleable enough to bend easily (the lower the number, the heavier the gauge of wire).

If you want the wire to simply hold the beads in place but not be noticeable, then choose a thin, light gauge wire and cover as much of it as possible with beads.

Tip # 3

Do not break the bank on buying silverware to bead. Maybe you already have a set that you would like to embellish. If you do not there are plenty of options for purchasing silverware at an affordable price.

Since you will be beading the silverware, choose pieces that have little to no adornment. It does not make sense to pay for a design that will be covered up with beads.

Look for silverware at thrift stores and discount stores. You never know what you will find since inventory at these stores changes consistently.

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