Tiffany Lamps – Real Or Fake?

Tiffany lamps are lighting fixtures that do not fail to amaze anyone who actually sees them. They have a unique and beautiful design and shape that sets them apart from other lamp styles out there. However how do you know whatever you are looking at a real Tiffany lamp or a well crafted (or not so well crafted) fake?

The original ones, made by Louis Comfort Tiffany at the end of the 19th century are by now very expensive and rare. Some actually go for millions a piece at the various auction houses. Most avid collectors and museums have these lamps, along with the richest among us. So most probably when you see such a lamp when window shopping or when you're at a friend's house, most probably you are looking at a good quality reproduction. These sell for regular prices and they do any home proud. They are made of good quality stained glass, such as the originals, and the craftsmanship is good.

However the real problems start when you come across cheap fakes and imitations, really replicas that do any real Tiffany light shame. They are mainly imported from countries such as China, Taiwan and Philippines and the work on the lamp surface is average at best. If you glide your hand over the base of such a lamp or its lampshade, you will feel bumps that were made during careless soldering. When you touch a real Tiffany or a good reproduction, everything is smooth under your fingers and the material, along with the work, is usually top notch.

You will find nowdays all sorts of light fixtures that strongly resembles the Tiffany styles. For example there are many mission style lamps, wall sconces, floor lights, ceiling lights ones and table lamps that bear the characteristics of a Tiffany style. Having such lighting fixture at home is a great way not only to illuminate your surroundings but also to show off various objects in the room or create a beautiful and romantic ambient in the space.

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