Tiffany Lamps for the Contemporary Home

Interior decorating trends have always harkened back to classic and retro designs to create a contemporary yet comfortable living space. With lighting, this is no exception. Most of us remember the beauty and decadence that was Tiffany lamps and in fact, they're so exceptionally beautiful and rare that an original lamp will fetch up to $ 2 million dollars at auction. Undeniably, these lamps are unlike ordinary lamps in the sense that they're treated as works of art that speak of a time in history.

Tiffany lamps were a strong part of the Art Nouveau movement, featuring beautifully colored stained glass lamp shades in a variety of designs ranging from floral scenes to country landscapes. Originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, who founded world renounced jewelry and silver company Tiffany and Company, Tiffany lamps have had a strong following for its fine art, craftsmanship and attention to detail. But only if you've lit a Tiffany lamp will you truly be able to understand the significance and beauty of it.

Granted that not too many people would be able to afford an original Tiffany lamp, there are many gorgeously styled contemporary Tiffany lamps available out on the market. has an incredibly large selection filled with unique styles that recall the elegance and originality that is the Tiffany. Many contemporary styles combine the artistic quality of creating stained glass designs with fabric or linen lamp shades, such as the Deep Waters Table Lamp and Nightlight, which can be found on

Tiffany designs are no longer restricted to just lamp shades and the appreciation of making a quality quality lamp has not been compromised. Contemporary Tiffany lamps are perfect for capturing a creatively classic essence, adding a sense of sophisticated elegance for even the most modern home. Considerably, it's also best to have Tiffany lamps as accent pieces around your home; having too many and you may run the risk of turning your home into a 19th century backdrop. But with just a few key pieces, you'll be able to design a contemporary yet comfortable living space.

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