The Various Types Towle Silver Flatware

towle silver flatware is produced by one of the premier silverware companies of the United States, Towle Silversmiths. Its origin can be trace back to 1690 and they are one of the producers of best quality silver flatware in the United States.

In the United States, flatware are known for knives and other cutting instrument but in Europe, the term 'flatware' most importantly include spoons, forks and knives. For use everyday, its recommended to get flatware made of stainless steel. In fact some quality designs are also made of stainless steel. For cheaper alternative, Pewter seems to be a goo choice while the disposable flatware are usually made of plastic.

As a producer of the best selling silverware patterns, Towle provides excellent quality cutting blades and give great attention to details. Some of the different types of silver flatware are detailed below.

An all purpose XL flatware, like the name suggest, serve a number of purposes. It is used to prepare and serve as well as eat food.

Baby spoon is also another flatware made by Towle. Most baby spoons are made for use to feed baby age ranging twelve to twenty-four months.

Cake forks and cake serving forks are ideally used to serve and eat desserts. A cake knife can be used to cut cakes and pastries.

A cheese cleaver is used to cut large blocks of cheese. A cheese grater and cheese server are also used to grate and serve cheese respectively.

A demitasse spoon by Towle is used to serve after-dinner refreshments. It is ideally used to serve tea or coffee.

Dinner forks and knives are also available. These are used to eat solid food. However, dinner forks and knives of continental size are much larger and heavier than regular dinner knives and forks.

Double jigger is a type of flatware that is used to measure liquor so as to prepare mixed drinks.

Engrave type flatware is one which has various designs on the surface of the metal. Electroplated flatware is one such flatware and which has a base metal coated with silver.

Flatware made by Towle also includes the fruit knife that is used to cut both fruits and vegetables.

The fish knife, fish serving knife, and the fish fork are flatware items that are used to cut, serve, and eat fish.

The gravy ladle by Towle is used to serve gravies and sauces.

The ice cream slicer is used to cut ice cream bricks as well as custard-filled pies and cakes. Ice cream scoops are used to scoop ice creams or frozen yogurt. Ice cream forks is used to eat ice cream.

Through this article I hope that you may have better knowledge of the various types of flatware made available by Towle. For more information about Towle silver flatware, you can find it at

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