The Ultimate Wedding Gift That Can Last a Lifetime

Wedding gifts can be difficult these days, much less the ultimate wedding gift. Well sure, there's the old tried and true wedding registry – – for those youngsters who don't have hardly anything of their own. It is always good to have a nice china set or silver trays or silver ware. Maybe an elegant, cut glass wine set. We all use them so very very often.

Then there is always the old standby of actual, real money. That is nice, but it's a one shot deal. Once it's spent, it's gone. Special photographs, personally made gifts, ahhh … scented candles and expensive perfume for special evenings. There is nothing wrong with any of these gifts. We all have received them and, generally, appreciated them. If not liked them, at least, we appreciated the sentiment of the giving.

So where am I going with this? What do I think makes the ultimate wedding gift? Something that keeps on getting better ant better as time goes on. Oh, like a fine bottle of wine? Well, no, because you can only drink it once and then it's gone. More like a long term investment, only one which begins having payouts nearly as soon as you start it. More in the line of collecting stock dividends every month and having the stock continue to grow each and every year, so that the monthly dividends continue to grow as well. I definitely wish I'd been given this ultimate wedding gift at my first marriage. Or my second marriage. It could have made a dramatic difference in my – our lives.

If you could be a part of a gift that gives the starting out, just married couple anywhere from an extra hundred dollars a month to a few extra thousand dollars a month, does that sound like a fantastic gift to you? Maybe a bit intriguing? Wouldn't that kind of wedding gift be potentially life altering in a good way? Well, I can't guarantee it will turn into that, but I believe it has a good shot at it. Why? Because there are all of these relatives and friends who come together with a common purpose – – to see, celebrate and bless a special time in a couple's relationship. Everyone involved with and who comes to a wedding has the desire to see the special couple do well in their marriage and their lives.

If you could be a part of a gift that will build them a monthly, residual income that could help with their savings, buying a house, having a family, paying for their children's education, and saving for their eventual retirement, wouldn't that classify as an ultimate gift? Heck, wouldn't you wish you'd had it for yourself?

So the next question is what in the heck is this? And the one after that is how in the world can I afford to give a gift like this? The answer is this a MLM opportunity with an American company. It has no inventory to stock or sell. It requires no parties or selling on your part. You simply tell people about a wonderful opportunity and direct them to watch a short video on the internet which does all of the selling. Or if you have a strong network of people with common ideas or a common goal, you simply tell them about it and that this is a way to accomplish this common goal.

The bride or groom (or both of them) need to sign up as affiliates first. Then after they are signed up, all of the people who want to give them a wedding gift can sign up under them. The cost? Only $ 10 a month. Why would you want to keep spending $ 10 every month? Because you can recoup your money when people sign up under you. And for every person you sign up, and they sign up, and their people sign up (and so on through 5 levels) part of their monthly $ 10 goes to the wedding couple.

So what's so great about that? The beauty of the compounding part of the equation. If 3 people sign up and they get 3 people and so on through 5 levels, the happy couple receive $ 364 a month. For 4 people who get 4 people and so on, they get $ 1364. For 5 people who get 5 people, etc, they see $ 3905 a month. See how it can grow through time? Imagine if 20 or 30 people give the newly wed couple this innovative gift and tell their friends about it? Would this classify as an ultimate gift?

OK, this is not a normal, run of the mill wedding present. It is a bit unusual – way out of the normal range of gift giving. But who says we can't give gifts like this? WHY NOT? I would rather have this gift than a bunch of stuff I may use once or twice a year. So I guess I'm asking you to entertain this new idea with a little care and creativity. It certainly isn't a gift from the normal wedding registry. However, it does offer a dream to those in love who want to build something with their lives together. And it offers those special people who love them a way to help them achieve their dreams.

Why don't you see what you think about it?

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