The Truth About Artistry Creme Luxury

Are you an Amway IBO seeking to understand what’s unique about Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury so you can sell it properly?

Are you a consumer who needs to know if Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury really works and if it’s worth your money?

Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury is expensive and may only be for the elite. There’s no point denying that. So it’s wise for you to do some research first before you actually purchasing it. There’s a lot of useful informative information on the internet regarding this revolutionary product from Amway. I consolidated these information in this article for you. I hope this will help you make an informed decision about this product.

We all know that Artistry Creme Luxury achieved the HBA International Package Design Awards (IPDA) in the Skin Care Prestige category. But the main concern is.. does it work??? And if it does work? How???

Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury is an anti ageing cream which provides the key to reversing the visible signs of ageing caused by environmental stress through its unique “CellEffect” approach. You will experience outstanding hydration, enhanced elasticity, definitive smoothness, and dimished fine lines. In short, a younger looking and feeling YOU.

It’s the first product on the market to contain Cardiolipin, a rare and unique lipid that helps generate cosmetic skin renewal. 30 times more expensive than gold, Cardiolipin is the most expensive ingredient ever used in an Amway ARTISTRY product. This is why it costs so much.

The key ingredients of the CellEffect approach are Cardiolipin, L-carnosine, Spinach Extract, and Roxisomes. It utilizes a unique 4-phase approach to increase skin energy and help visibly repair damaged skin.

Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury is designed for use day and night, and will last for almost 2 months. With continued use, your skin will literally appear to perform the way it did when you were younger – increased firmness and elasticity.

Beauty Heaven did a detailed review of Artistry Creme Luxury which may help you understand what you can really expect from this product. Here’s an excerpt…

“… It does feel amazing on my skin. It’s rich but not heavy or greasy and has lasting hydration. It’s one of those creams, the more you use, the more your skin will see results. I wake up in the morning and my skin is glowing and looking more radiant. The main area in which I’ve noticed significant improvement is on my forehead. In the last year or so it has been looking really dry and no matter what cream I use it still seems to look on the dry side yet this cream and shown a significant improvement. Everywhere else on my face I’ve noticed a smoothing effect but I can still see fine lines. I guess for the price I was expecting a miracle in a jar. I can’t compare it to injectables but if the results are similar then I’d choose this cream over the needle….”

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