The Top Fashion Icons Of The 21

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Here found the list of the biggest fashion icons of the 20 century. Like Kate Moss was in the 90s it was Madonna in the 80s. Debbie Harry and Brigitte Bardot have been the highest rated and are the biggest icons of the 20 century. I must say I was a little disappointed. What about Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn Monroe, wouldn’t have become, not only A Icon, but one of the world’s greatest fashion and style icons, if she hadn’t come up with a whole new trend and look that haven’t’ been seen before. Doesn’t influences her style other big fashion icons like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera , Gwen Stefanie, Scarlett Johansson? A fashion icon, is a person, who set up new standards and trends. That what separated her from the rest of the icons. The lists need updates. Who are the Top style icons for the 21 Century?

Lady Gaga

Scarlett Johansson

Michelle Obama

Christina Aguilera

Cheryl Cole


Sarah Jessica Parker

Top four 90s style icons:

1. Kate Moss – 62. 5 per cent

2. Linda Evangelista – 12.5 per cent

3. Erin O’Connor – 12.5 per cent

4. Victoria Beckham – 6.3 per cent

Top four 80s style icons:

1. Madonna – 75 per cent

2. Princess Diana – 12.5 per cent

3. Joan Collins – 6.3 per cent

4. Jane Fonda – 6.2 per cent

Top four 70s style icons

1. Debbie Harry – 43.8 per cent

2. David Bowie – 25 per cent

3. Bianca Jagger – 12.5 per cent

4. Diana Ross – 6.3 per cent

Top four 60s style icons:

1. Bridget Bardot – 41.2 per cent

2. The Beatles – 17.6 per cent

3. Edie Sedgwick – 17.6 per cent

4. Twiggy – 11.8 per cent

Top four 50s style icons:

1. Audrey Hepburn – 58.8 per cent

2. Grace Kelly – 29.4 per cent

3. James Dean – 5.9 per cent

4. Ave Gardner – 5.9 per cent

Top four 40s style icons:

1. Marlene Dietrich – 53.3 per cent

2. Fred & Ginger – 26.7 per cent

3. Lauren Bacall – 6.7 per cent

4. David Niven – 6.7 per cent


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