The Style That Christofle Flatware Gives

Set up in early 1830, Christofle flatware has made its mark in the tableware with the commissioned by people like Pope Pius IX and Paris Opera. A very prestigious name in the production of china, crystal and flatware, Christofle silverware and giftware currently commands a high price in the market.

Christofle flatware offers wide variety of spoons, forks and knives. Regular products such as Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Standard Soup Spoon, Standard Fork, Standard Knife, Dessert Soup, Dessert Fork, and Dessert Knife are available in all sort of patterns.

Apart from the regular items Christofle manufacture, several other types of spoons were also manufactured by Christofle. They include Gourmet Sauce Spoon, Cream Soup Spoon, Coffee Spoon, Ice Cream Spoon, Demitasse Spoon, Large Serving Spoon, Salad Serving Spoon, Potato Spoon, and Rice Spoon. Ladles, a type of spoon that comes in primary three types – Soup Ladle, Gravy Ladle and Fat Separating Gravy Ladle was also manufactured by Christofle.

Christofle not only manufactured large variety of spoons but forks too. To list a few, Fish Fork, Salad Fork, Two Pronged Fork, Cake Fork, Oyster Fork, Large Serving Fork, Salad Serving Fork, Fish Serving Fork, and Carving Fork. Similarly, Fish Knife, Fish Serving Knife, Carving Knife, Cheese Knife and Butter Spreader. This are just some of the variety in the huge inventory of Christofle.

Other flatware items not mentioned like Cake or Ice Cream Server, Sugar Spoons and Tongs, and Chopsticks are also very popular. One of the most popular pattern in Chopsticks is the Baguettes Galet. They come in two forms, mainly Japanese and Chinese and because they are made from tropical wood, the final product are very delicately finished and is exceptionally smooth to touch.

Some of the exlusive Christofle collection comes from the sterling silver flatware. Its prices can range from $800 – $1250. Some current patterns available are Aria Gold, Commodre, Galea, Albi, Aria, Chinon, Cluny, Marly, Malmaison, Oceana, and Perles.

All the sterling patterns are also available in silver plating except Aria Gold and Commodre. The other patterns that are available in silver platting includes America, Drop, Rubans, Tenere, Vertigo, and Spatour

Christofle silverware also offers solid and elegant stainless steel. The patterns available are Hekla, Adagio, Albi II, Albi SatinII, Elementaire, Elemantaire Mat, Osiris, Perles-Mimosa, Tenere, and Urban

Christofle silverware is also available in solid and elegant stainless steel. The patterns available are Hekla, Adagio, Albi II, Albi SatinII, Elementaire, Elemantaire Mat, Osiris, Perles-Mimosa, Tenere, and Urban. Available in a price range of $100 to $200, such flatware is affordable and entails easy maintenance. Christofle offers its own range of cleaning products for its silverware.

Christofle flatware, along with its china and crystal, is immensely popular among collectors of quality silverware. With more than a century and a half of experience behind them, Christofle has become a name to be reckoned with in this industry.

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