The Greatest Gift In Selling – Time! How NOT To Get Caught Up In The Tyranny Of The Urgent

The tyranny of the urgent refers to how high a priority the task at hand is. For example, everything you do is important, from brushing and showering to eating, and more. However, when things have a sense of urgency tacked onto them, such as a large meeting you don’t want to be late for, you focus on them only, sometimes ignoring the important things and never finishing them.

Another way to look at it is that you’ve got crucial things (sometimes a lot, sometimes few), unimportant things (usually a lot), important things (not as many as you think), and some things that are none of the above.

What To Do/Not To Do

The first thing you should do when you get to work is to determine what information is floating around and why. Next, you probably start prioritizing your tasks if your boss doesn’t tell you what to do. This is where the tyranny of the urgent can wreak havoc because you may not have enough time to do everything on the list.

It is important to take just a little bit of time each morning to determine what is coming due soon, what’s due today, and the like. Then, sort each column by the time it will take to finish it. For example, if you’ve got two projects due in the next few days and one requires extensive research from you, that one should be done first. Likewise, you can work on it as you have time throughout the day.

Why Time Is The Best Gift

Supervisors and managers rarely give people the time they need to sort their tasks. Some salespeople find it easy to prioritize without thinking about it while others struggle. Even if it means going to work a few minutes early, it’s best to take the time you need to ensure that things are done in a timely manner.

Effective, high-performance selling is important to the success of almost every kind of business. Learning how to manage those skills and apply them to the most important selling activities throughout your day will make you a professional sales rep that wins more business.

All human activities can be improved by training. Every salesperson can markedly improve their ability to resist the tyranny of the urgent to help them focus and prioritize their sales tasks appropriately. Make a personal development plan that includes prioritizing your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and you will see improved sales results.

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