The Best Of Luxury Honeymoons

Luxury honeymoons are in the eye of the beholder. Each person thinks differently of luxury. For some of us it is a warm hot tub. Others think about expensively decorated rooms with soft elaborate fabrics. Most of us want space to explore and enjoy a carefree trip away form the every day hustle and bustle of the city life and all the troubles that come with it. The best in luxury honeymoons is found in Fiji in the Maravu Plantation Resort. This beautiful piece of heaven is found without the problems that some packed resorts face. You are surrounded by few others but amazing beauty and serenity on this fantastic place. There are over 56 acres of island to explore on your luxury honeymoons excursion.

Everything Private

On the Maravu Plantation resort, you will not find more than about thirty other guests at any time. This makes it a perfect secluded hideaway. The rooms are very spacious for a couple to relax in. Light and airy is the order here. There is also plenty of space between each of the thirteen rooms available for rental on these luxury honeymoons. You are also able to use the outdoor showers. With so little around, you can be assured of the most intimate and private space for that shower. Luxury honeymoons do not get any better than this. The beach is also private for the guests to enjoy. The staff is so friendly and helpful you will be made to feel like family here.

On the many 56 acres of land that this place has to offer, you will find many different venues to explore. The private beach is wonderful for relaxing strolls or sunbathing. There are many acres of coconut groves, as well. You may even get to taste one of these unadulterated coconuts fresh from the tree. There are also rainforests with every type of unique creature to find and maybe some that has not been seen yet. Be sure to bring along a camera in case you find that most amazing shot. You can not be without the ability to capture luxury honeymoons at its best. By the time you come home, you will want to go back. You will also want to tell everyone about it so they can experience luxury honeymoons themselves.

Little Equals More

Not only is this the best of the luxury honeymoons that you can take, it is simply paradise at its best. Where else can you find seclusion, rainforest beauty, and private beaches all in one place? This resort is not spoiled by many others being there at one time. You can expect to have the most privacy that is possible on your luxury honeymoons. There are only a few others allowed in at one time. The staff is wonderful and so is the food. Fresh coconuts can be found in the coconut groves that fill up some of the many acres this resort has. The outside showers are so soothing and will bring you back to nature where you were meant to be. This is one of the world's best spots for luxury honeymoons!

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