The 80’s Fashion Coming Back

What is the definition of fashion? Even though the term ‘fashion’ does apply to a huge number of fields like architecture, interior design, music, dance, politics, media, various forms of speech and slang, even technology, the main use of this term today is to describe fashion outfits.

The main purpose of clothing according to the latest fashion trends is to express our beliefs. We find refuge in fashion outfits to express ourselves, even though it may not concur with all fashion trends at the time. All these things happen within a culture, but the situation often occurs when fashion trends change a lot faster than the culture itself.

Common terms related to these aspects are ‘fashionable’ and ‘unfashionable’. They depict whether fashion outfits worn by various people are according to the popular mode of expression at a given time. When someone states that something is ‘in fashion’ we immediately think about something beautiful, glamorous, and stylish all comprised in one package.

The roots of fashion go back to the 8th century. Back then, a musician from Baghdad traveled to Spain and was the first one to introduce fashion outfits to the world. He developed specific lines of clothing according to daily timing as well as seasons.

His fashion outfits consisted of dark colored items made of warm cotton or wool for the winter. The summer outfits were very light and colorful garments, made of silk, cotton, and flax. Apart from seasonal clothing items, he also developed certain outfits that could be worn according to specific times in the day, like morning, afternoon and evening.

The changes in fashion occur very often, more rapidly than in any other field. Some people believe that fashion is one of the negative aspects of capitalism, since it encourages people to buy some things that are not entirely necessary. On the other hand, others, young people in particular, enjoy the fact that there is always something new and interesting that they can try.

Even though the changes in fashion occur at an alarming rate, it is also common for a fashion style that has been outdated for a long time to come back in fashion and stay like this for some time. This cycle takes place every twenty or thirty years. The latest fashion trend that has arisen from the dead and is now on the streets of our cities is the 80’s fashion.

The outfits that are in style at a given time are often following the modes of expressions of someone that we look up to, and the 80’s fashion trends are based on the same principles. In this direction, movie stars and music celebrities had a trend of their own. For example Michael Jackson, Madonna, Run DMC, Don Johnson and many others popularized a lot of 80’s fashion outfits.

In the beginning of the 21st century, the outfits which are now in style are looking in the past for inspiration. The 80’s fashion trends are attempting to make a strong come back and so far they are on the right path. Designer shoes and rock band T-shirts are just some of the favorites among men, while the women wear mini-skirts and thick belts and lots of other things to express themselves as they did back in the 80s.

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