Tattoo Gifts – Get Your Boyfriend a Tattoo For the Holidays!

If you are wondering what kind of gift your boyfriend for the holidays, think about getting him a tattoo! This is a unique gift which he’ll be thrilled about. Tattoo gifts can also work well for your girlfriends as well. Here’s how to go about giving a tattoo as a gift:

1. Tattoo Shop.

First research the different tattoo shops in your area. Pick one with a good rep. Maybe your boyfriend has some friends that have had work done at different parlors and they can assist you at choosing a good one.

2. Gift Certificate.

Once you find a shop, take a visit over and ask for a gift certificate. They will usually have gift certificates or gift cards available and set up and ready to go for the holidays. Ask how much tattoo work generally costs to get an idea on the amount. You don’t have to get it right, especially if you think your boyfriend will get a large design or extensive work. Any amount can make a huge difference in contributing to a great tattoo design.

3. Tattoo Gallery Membership.

You’re not done yet! There’s another step that will make your tattoo gift truly unique. Along with a gift card to a parlor, you can get your boyfriend a membership to an online tattoo gallery. This way he will have access to thousands of high quality, top notch designs to choose from. They can be printed out and taken to the tattoo parlor to get placed on. It can be a lot of fun picking out a tattoo design together in an online tattoo gallery.

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