Women’s Fashion and Fashion Accessories

Woman fashion is not just about wearing fashionable and designer clothing. Fashion is something which every woman should associate herself with. The fashion style of an urban woman should go in consistency with fashion trend and her personality. The fashion statement of any woman depends upon body frame, skin tone, comfort level and personal attitude. […]

The Top Fashion Icons Of The 21 Century-Stylert.com

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Here found the list of the biggest fashion icons of the 20 century. Like Kate Moss was in the 90s it was Madonna in the […]

Business Skills For Careers In The Fashion Industry

If you have even a slight interest in fashion, the industry may offer what you need to have an engaging, exciting career. This industry caters to a range of interests, including fashion photography, merchandising, marketing, buying, fashion stylists, and fashion design. Some have what it takes to survive in the fashion industry. Some don’t. Some […]

Ethnic fashion design

We all know fashion weeks, such as Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo, are conducted all through the fashion industry. However, there are fashion weeks held by many countries and cultures are not as well-known all over the world as in their […]

Importance of Visual presentation/styling in Fashion

Fashion is a visual medium and thus it is extremely important to present the fashion created-the design, the dress, the accessories etc. and put together in an appealing and attractive manner. Visual presentation and styling is as important as designing as the qualities should be exhibited in a way that talks about the product in […]

The 80’s Fashion Coming Back

What is the definition of fashion? Even though the term ‘fashion’ does apply to a huge number of fields like architecture, interior design, music, dance, politics, media, various forms of speech and slang, even technology, the main use of this term today is to describe fashion outfits. The main purpose of clothing according to the […]

Fashion History of Bbw and Plus Size Women

BBW is an acronym for “Big Beautiful Women.” In the past, a big beautiful body was associated with health and wealth. As a matter of fact, up until the 1960’s, BBW and plus size women were lauded for their beautiful physiques. The plus size woman appeared in almost all of the fashion photographs, films, and […]

Working In The Fashion Industry

Working in the fashion industry: When you work in the fashion industry you get golden invites to a lot of exclusive events with all the stars and usually get to party fabulous with all the great drinks and bubbly champagne because a party is not a party without a specialty drink. In the fashion industry, […]

Gothic Clothing and Fashion

Where did Gothic Fashion Originate? Gothic style has featured strongly throughout history and prior to their being a fashion style for so called “goths”, buildings, literature and art were referred to as being “gothic”. The original goths were a Germanic tribe that were recorded as having a major part in the fall of the Roman […]

How to rock the velvet trend form head to toe

We already talked about it, remember? In a previous post of trends for this fall we discussed velvet as the ‘it-fabric’ this season. Making a comeback in this 90’s fever we’ve been living lately. Back in the day, this material was somehow ‘reserved’ for gothic, dark aesthetics or for those occasions in where you wanted […]

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