SE MJ381018C 10x 18mm Jewelers Loupe, Chrome Plated

Jetzt kaufen Improve your detailed viewing with this compact easy to use eye loupe optical tool that has powerful 10x magnification. Great for craft-work, jewelers, watches, fine detailed work, inspecting antique markings, coins and many other items that require magnification to identify and view detail. Easy to use 10x loupe magnification when detailed viewing is […]

Mucinex SE 12 Hr Max Strength Chest Congestion Expectorant Tablets, 42ct

Jetzt kaufen If you’re looking for the toughest chest congestion medicine to break up the mucus that’s bothering you, call in Maximum Strength Mucinex. One dose of Maximum Strength Mucinex starts to work fast and lasts for 12 hours.*Relieves chest congestionThins and loosens mucus that causes chest congestionStarts to work right away & lasts for […]

SE 81970SF 3” Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw Frame, Professional Quality

Jetzt kaufen This professional quality adjustable jeweler’s saw frame allows you to work with various blade lengths, with thumbscrews that firmly secure the blades into the frame—for jewelry making, woodworking, crafts, hobbies, and so much more. PRODUCT FEATURES: • Adjustable frame • Frame length: 8” • Depth of cut: Up to 3” • Thumbscrews • […]

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