Gothic Clothing and Fashion

Where did Gothic Fashion Originate? Gothic style has featured strongly throughout history and prior to their being a fashion style for so called “goths”, buildings, literature and art were referred to as being “gothic”. The original goths were a Germanic tribe that were recorded as having a major part in the fall of the Roman […]

How to rock the velvet trend form head to toe

We already talked about it, remember? In a previous post of trends for this fall we discussed velvet as the ‘it-fabric’ this season. Making a comeback in this 90’s fever we’ve been living lately. Back in the day, this material was somehow ‘reserved’ for gothic, dark aesthetics or for those occasions in where you wanted […]

Fashion tips 2011

Fashion is one of the most practiced norms for the present generation. The Gen X is always looking for the best in fashion tips so that they can become the cynosures of attraction. Sashion and Style happens to be the most preferred codes for Gen X. They are just crazy about the various forms of […]

The Fashion of the 1960s

The ‘60s was the decade of freedom. Everyone, particularly the youth, spoke out their preferences, and had an immediate and powerful effect on the fashion industry. For example, the women of the ‘60s chose to have a childlike image with short skirts, much like the trend in the 1920s. Fashion in the ‘60s emphasized simplicity, […]

Fashion Jobs in Phoenix

Fashion industry is one of the most popular, interesting and profitable career paths to choose due to an ever increasing demand in the job market. Each day there is something new on the deck and designers from all around the globe are working towards it. Urbanization in every sector has given rise to the demand […]

Fashion Tips For Women Online: Boutique Clothing Fashion Style (Dynamic Free Tips)

How Exactly You May You Find Fashion Tips For Women Online Are you curious about improving your fashion ideas?  If you  are, you are for sure not alone.  After all, that is  why a large range of people end up spending  lots of bucks a year, if less, on fashion magazines. Although  fashion magazines are […]

Fashion or Gay?

According to a survey conducted by an authority, about 69.9% of Americans said at least one of their acquaintances was gay. No wonder the same-sex relationship draws great attention of the public. Let’s just have a look at the following facts: 1. A constitutional amendment banning gay marriage ranks 21st out of 22 issues of […]

Career in Fashion Design Part – 1

If you can read colors, feel textures, notice blends and believe that you can create the look – fashion designing is a good option. Fashion designers are trendsetters, but even they have to take an entrance exam and need to study. If you think shoes, belts and hats are style statements and speak louder and […]

Latest Fashion Trends For Girls Clothing In 2011

You certainly want to look gorgeous as a girl and step out in style. The fashion trends for girls seem to change from one year to the other. There are a variety of fashion trends which have emerged for girls clothing in the year 2011. When you are looking for the latest fashion trends which […]

Fashion Trends and Model Agencies

Usually, one gets to know about the latest in trends by monitoring the attire of celebrities and models. Slowly, the clothes they wear are adopted by fashion conscious people, and others imitate. This way, it becomes the newest trend in the world of fashion. It is the designer’s brain that is doing the work in […]

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