Tips For Being Fashionable

People like being fashionable. Different people have different tastes in fashion. Whatever the taste a person possesses with regards to fashion, it’s important to wear the latest things. The trends of fashion come and go but a good sense of fashion stays forever. A fashionable person should always possess a good fashion sense. In today’s […]

Shopping For a New Computer – Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

As owner of a computer repair service center it is quite common to see customers who are contemplating simply buying a new computer as opposed to repairing their existing computer. Many of these customers tend to believe that a $ 300-400 computer that they've seen in an advertisement from one of the big box stores […]

Fashion Trends in the 1910s

In the 1910s the chic silhouette was lithe compared to clothes of the 1900s. Soon the trend for Orientalism began, however, with Paul Poiret one of the early designers to introduce this to the fashion world. He also made the earliest outfit which enabled women to put it on without relying on the assistance of […]

Men’s Clothing

Traditionally, the word fashion is only applied to women. This is because the fashion industry focuses much of its attention to women’s fashion and for good reason. Women are perceived to be the ?shoppers? of the world, and they are also perceived to be the ones who give a lot of thought to their clothing, […]

India’s Fashion Trends Through the Ages

The 20th century has served fashion businesses well by making it more stable, practical, and pragmatic. From the fifties to the seventies, big names were not as prominent as they are now, especially in India. However, that does not mean that Indian fashion was dull. In fact, Indian fashion has been known to be graceful, […]

The Latest Trends in Sandal Fashions

What will the well-dressed foot be wearing this summer? The hottest new sandal trend for summer 2008 is a throwback to older times. Gladiator sandals, inspired by the strappy cutout and wrap styles worn in ancient times have taken the fashion magazines and runways by storm for the past two years, and this year they […]

Basic Knowledge Everyone Should Know About Shoes and Other Footwear

A shoe is an item of footwear used to protect our foot. Generally we wear shoes when we want to walk from one place to another and are concerned with the safety of our feet, but fashion is also a concern. Shoes may vary in styles, sizes and prices. Looking attractive is a natural desire […]

Fashion Trends 2011 – New Rock – Shoes And Boots

The ultimate alternative footwear fashion statement are, and have always been ” New Rock Boots And Shoes “. Their futuristic chunky style make them the accessory of choice for almost all of the sub cultures. The New Rock company has been trading for over thirty years now and has built up a very loyal following […]

Women's Winter Fashion

Come winter and we wonder what to get out of our wardrobe. Because we have to pull over a coat or a cardigan whatever we wear. So how do you get stylish with a coat on? For one you can belt it with a contrasting colour and the colour of your trousers too can bring […]

The Psychology Of Fashion Design And Colour

A growing demand for cufflinks has driven us to include a broader range from popular brand names. Even with the gloomy economic forecasts, we have a full diary of requests from all over the world. Some customers have been willing to wait for months, having per ordered especially, we can honestly blame the delays as […]

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