Table Tennis Table Conversion Tops – A Good Alternative to a Regular Table?

What is a conversion top you might ask? Well it's basically the top part of a table tennis table by itself, and it's designed to be attached to other surfaces or supports, to turn it into a proper table. Table tennis tables take up a large space, and pretty much fill up any dedicated games room, leaving no room for other items like pool tables shuffle boards, etc. What if you want to have them all, but only have a single room available? Well this is where a conversion top is well worth considering!

There are a quite few conversion tops on the market that are designed specifically to fit on top of a range of pool table sizes. This is a great option for someone who already has a pool table, and does not have the room to add a table tennis table!

The conversion top uses the frame and body of the pool table. By placing the conversion top on the pool table and locking it with the mounting brackets, you and your friends can start playing ping pong in no time!

The key feature about these conversion tops is that they are very easy to install. As mentioned before, there are several available conversion tops that will be able to fit on different sizes of pool tables. All you need to do is mount it and lock it with the mounting brackets on the pool and you will have a solid ping pong table ready for play.

Main benefits:

1. Save space – You can have a pool table AND a table tennis table in the same room, taking up no more space.

2. Save money – A table tennis conversion top is generally cheaper than a complete table tennis table.

3. Bonus features – By covering up the conversion top, it can double up as a table for other things, like entertainment, eating or other hobbies. In addition to this it protects your pool table!


Well table tennis and snooker tables are not the same size or height. An official snooker table is 11 'by 5'10' ', whereas a table tennis table is 9' by 5 '… a slight problem here … In addition to this, a snooker table is typically 2'10' ' , whereas a table tennis table is 2'8 '', so when playing on a conversion top you'll be playing on a surface that's too high! Smaller snooker tables may also be a little lower, and closer to the height of a proper table tennis table, so these may provide a better fit.

Does it matter? Well it depends … if you have the table mainly for some social fun with friends, I'm sure you'll have just as much fun no matter how high the table is … Even if you are more serious about your game , having a conversion top can still be useful for a lot of things like practicing techniques and serves, and is still a lot better then no table at all.

But as you advance further in level, you may find the switching between different height table too much of a disturbance or frustrating .. as things that work on one table don't work on another …

Where to buy?

Not all major table tennis manufacturers make conversion tops, and even if they do, not all dealers carry them. Check out some of the online shops, as well as any local dealers to see if they carry them. Remember to get a quote that includes shipping, as they can be expensive to get delivered to your home, and awkward to transport yourself.

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