Sophisticated Gifts for Cultured People

One of the things I have always loved about cultured people is their open-mindedness, combined with a genuine interest in the world beyond their immediate surroundings. They can speak credibly on just about any subject, but when they are not familiar with something, they are not shy to admit they do not know anything about it. In fact, it is as if you have given them a gift, something more to learn…and cultured people love to learn as much as to experience.

Any one of the following ideas is sure to be a hit with someone who is cultured.

Idea #1 – A World Globe

Cultured people love to read as well as travel, and you will find most of them have an area in their home that is dedicated to this literary pursuit. It invariably contains a comfortable reading chair, a good reading lamp, and a side table. What better addition to this area than a globe of the world that allows them to pick out the places mentioned in their current choice of reading material?

Whether it is on a small base made to fit on a desk or a table, or a stand-alone floor model, you can find world globes to fit every budget and every taste. There are world globes available in sections for Office Products as well as from Specialty Sites. When you are looking for them, do not ignore the powdered mother-of-pearl models and the gemstone variety. Not only are they beautiful, but the prices, for the quality, are more than reasonable.

Idea #2 – A Coffee Table Book about Art, Cultures, Religions, etc.

As I have mentioned, cultured people are open-minded. They seem to be interested in everything. Fortunately, there are as many coffee table book subjects as there are interests, and even a very high-quality book of this type can be found at a reasonable price, and will be treasured by the recipient.

Idea #3 – Home Decorations that Represent Different Ethnic Cultures

A quick search on the internet lists close to six million different decoration possibilities for ethnic cultures. From beautiful, small area rugs to wall-hanging tapestries, the possibilities are limitless and the price range is wide enough to suit any budget.

There are also porcelain figurines that represent every conceivable ethnic culture, from Ganesha, the deity worshiped by Hindus and Buddhists alike, to representations of the Chinese horoscope. The possibilities are as endless and open as the cultured friend or relative for whom you are buying a gift.

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