Some of the Very Best Luxury Super Sports Cars in the World

If you have money to spare then you may own a super car or two, there are many collectors around the world who collect the worlds very best cars and simply have to have the very latest Ferrari as soon as it has been designed. Whether you wish to take your Bugatti for a spin around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit or you just want to covet it and keep it safe in your private museum, these cars are prestigious. If you are a lover of fast cars you may wish to check out this list of the worlds luxury super cars manufacturers.

One of the worlds finest super cars manufacturers is Bugatti. This brand is known as being among the very best and of course is from Italy. These are some of the fastest and most luxurious cars seen on the roads today and also some of the fastest on the roads. The designs are typically sleek and are often considered to be works of art. The Veyron in particular is a typical favorite among super car lovers.

Lamborghini is another top super car manufacturer that many people love to own. There are numerous models to choose from this superb brand name with some being known and driven all over the world. This is of course another name to come out of Italy. Popular models to come from this Italian manufacturer include the Gallardo and the racing model, the Trofeo.

No list of the very best car designers in the world would be complete with mention of Ferrari. The Enzo is in fact one of the most well-known super cars ever to be built with a fantastic top speed. A limited number of these models were designed and let loose on the world and they are much sought after with collectors of luxury super cars around the world.

Pagani is another Italian great that lovers of superb cars covet. This brand name brings some of the worlds fastest super cars out that not only have the luxury look but that also have the power to match. A great deal of the super cars is limited edition which means that they are much coveted by collectors the world over.

The above are of course just a few of the many luxury sports cars out there and there are many more. The above are among some of the very best in the world and are also some of the very fastest on the roads and racing tracks. Which one are you going to buy next?

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