Satisfy Customers With Promotional Drinkware and Mugs

The next time you are at the beach or on the subway, glance around you to see what people are drinking out of. Look at the variety of drinkware and mugs surrounding you. Check out all the different logos and designs. That could be your business you are seeing advertised. Just put your logo or a custom saying on some drinkware or mugs, and you will advertise your own company in a fun and creative manner. Sport bottles, water bottles, lighted mugs, polycarbonate bottles, hurricane glasses / shot glasses … let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

If there is an alumni weekend or welcome weekend at a local college, considered giving water bottles or stainless steel travel mugs to families to keep them hydrated during the weekend. Stainless steel mugs, stadium cups or travel mugs also make effective promotional items and giveaways. Enjoy the look on people's faces as you give them little gifts in a variety of locations both casual to formal. You can give free drinks in water bottles with your company imprint on them or in a glass with witty imprinted quotes. Liven up any occasion with brightly colored and fun Koozies, which keep your drinks hot or cold, according to desire.

Keep in mind that most people use some sort of drinkware and mugs on a daily basis. Use these items to give your company name recognition as others see the logo on a daily basis, also. Find out when the next walk-a-thon in your area is, and donate your imprinted drinkware as giveaways to the participants. Find out if there is a walking club in your local mall or in your local schools, and offer water bottles to walkers as they head out the door.

Reward dedicated office workers by giving them a mug imprinted with your company logo, their name, or a special saying. Or, when you have a sales meeting, reward the top sales people with specialized imprinted shot glasses or hurricane classes.

Host a party and offer guests whimsical gifts such as the wave mug. Or send everyone home with an Optic Collins light up glass for some evening fun. Purchasing items such as these is as easy it is picking up your phone or logging into the Internet. Prices vary from just under a dollar up to approximately $ 15. These prices generally include custom printing and one color.

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