Review of Guy Gets Girl by Tiffany Taylor For Tip on How to Talk to Girls

This is the review of one of the better guide for dating women… Guy Gets Girl by Tiffany Taylor. First of all, who is Tiffany Taylor? I’ll tell you who she is NOT… she isn’t that famous (or infamous) porn actress that goes by the same name. If porn is what you are interested in, you are in the wrong place and you will always be alone at night. If you are interested in sharing the evening with an attractive woman that is absolutely into you… then keep on reading.

However, Tiffany Taylor IS hot! And she is extremely attractive… and she spills the beans on women in her ultimate guide for dating other hot women like her. Now, why would you want a book written by a woman? Well, obviously you do because she has “insider” knowledge about what it takes to get a woman like her to count the spots on your bedroom ceiling.

And yeah… she gets angry emails from women trying to get her book banned because they don’t want guys to have the sexual choice…

But too bad!

For several reasons… #1 society has placed the responsibility of the man to ask the woman out for a date… to be in charge. And many guys cannot do it because quite frankly, nobody told them how to do it… and #2 women don’t have any respect for men who are cowards or with low self esteem.

And this is where having the knowledge of what turns a woman on and what turns her off comes into play. You see, if you knew exactly how women are biologically hardwired to be attracted to a certain kind of male… you my friend, would have the keys to the kingdom… of gorgeous females!

Sounds good? Let me spell it out differently, if you know how to give a woman what she wants… a confident man that understands her emotionally… she will fulfill your sexual fantasies!

And this is where Tiffany Taylor’s book comes into play. She will give you simple step-by-steps how to meet and seduce a woman of your dreams. And yes, she does have something to say about how a man looks, how much money he has, and whether he is famous…


That’s right… it doesn’t matter… women put more emphasis on confidence… and this dating guide will give you that.

My recommendation is that you get this dating guide for men that truly understands women and puts the odds heavily in your favor to successfully approaching and seducing them.

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