Registering For Your Wedding Gifts – Wedding Gift Registry Tips

Registering for your wedding gifts is a wonderful way to let your wedding guests know what you, as the bride and groom, would like to receive as a wedding gift.

The concept is to zero in one store or at the most 2-3 stores, creating a registry, choose the items from their availability list and notifying the same to your wedding guests. It is a way to avoid duplication of gifts, and in fact honoring the gift and the gifting guest, as well.

Your friends and relatives may want to buy a gift as soon as you pronounce about your marriage. Therefore, once you pronounce your wedding date, it'd be ideal to go and register, at least for some of the items.

If you plan to hold an engagement dinner or a shower it is better to register a month in advance. Do not be under the impression to make your own choices at a time; you can take time to go back and add / delete or edit your list in the registry at any time.

There are multiple stores available where you can do your registration for wedding gifts, however, chose one that offers a broad range of gifting ideas for your guests. It is not a bad idea to register at any one of the major departmental stores and also at one or two specialty stores.

Bear in your mind that one, two or three stores is what your wedding guests can maximum remember, if you add more stores you are also adding difficulty to your guests.

Further, make a note of policies of each of these stores regarding exchange of gifts purchased through the registry.

Registering date is also very important. Register six months in advance of your wedding date and this gives your guests a generous amount of time to purchase gifts for even the pre-wedding events such as bridal shower or a rehearsal dinner etc. Do not be over curious to register well in advance of 6 months. There is a risk here that some stores would have discontinued some items.

It is always a good idea to add as many items as possible while registering for your wedding gifts. You may give a guest a range of gifts to choose from and remember wedding is an occasion where you have a chance to get everything you wanted. So never put a limit!

You can do registering for all those essential items you plan to buy in the near future. Many of the registries have broad range of items a home should have. These include home appliances, bags and luggage, furniture, furnishings informal bone china articles, etc. Select from a broad range of prices and they should be wallet friendly to your wedding guests.

It is against etiquette to announce the registry to your wedding guests. However, see that they know that you have registered by word-of-mouth publicity.

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