Promotional Disposable Cups- The Most Efficient Solution In Reaching Your Market

Promotional Disposable Cups: The most efficient solution in reaching your market.

Distributing promotional items in any event or occasion is a true and tested marketing strategy in communicating to your market. Aside from reinforcing your branding, you are also promoting a positive image for your company. But with all the benefits of distributing promotional giveaways, why is it that many companies and individuals still avoid giving away customized merchandise to their customers?

The answer is the cost.

Yes, though very effective, the cost of handing out promotional items may be a bit above the marketing budget for some companies. And if you are one of those who shy away from promotional products believing that this strategy is just too costly to include in your marketing strategy mix, then it is about time for you to rewrite your marketing plan.

Through promotional disposable cups, you will be able to apply the promotion product strategy without spending a big chunk of your marketing budget.

Disposable cups and drinkware is one of the most efficient yet underutilized promotional item out there. It has most of the positive characteristics of the other promotional drinkware such as the right surface area for logo imprinting, and the high level of usefulness making it ideal for any occasion. But the most important aspect of a promotional plastic cup is the cost, which, on average, is 6x cheaper than its non-disposable counterparts.

But since it is disposable, does that mean that its impact will be less compared to the other customized drinkware?

There has been no substantial study made to measure the difference of the impact of a disposable vs. a non-disposable promotional product. But of course, a customized plastic cup cannot provide the constant branding reinforcement that, say, an imprinted glassware can offer. But if you consider the cost together with the benefits of a disposable cup, you can easily conclude that this promotional item has attained its intended goal with minimal expense on your part.

Just imagine a convention with hundreds of people in attendance. If you have effectively distributed the promotional disposable cups to your potential customers, then you have already accomplished your intended goal of reaching your target market. And the people who have visited your booth for sure will still continue to walk around the trade hall while taking a sip from the plastic cup with your logo imprinted on it for all to see. Now, how is that for maximum exposure?

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