Possession of David O'reilly

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Compared favorably to The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, THE POSSESSION OF DAVID O’REILLY marks the UK as the next hot source for original, inventive horror. Giles Alderson stars as David O Reilly, a guy dumped by his girlfriend and looking to crash with his London friends for the night. Unfortunately, O Reilly is bringing more than emotional baggage because something a demon, a ghost, an alien? is stalking his every move. O Reilly knows more than he s admitting why else does he immediately pour a line of salt across the doorstep? but is he possessed or just nutters? Uneasiness soon ramps up into sheer fright in a movie that Pax Romano admitted left him surprised and scared witless. Watch it and if you re really brave invite your friends over to join you.POSSESSION OF DAVID O’REILLY, THE (DVD MOVIE)

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