Polishing Your Gorham Flatware

Were you given a set of Gorham flatware from a family member? Were you excited only to find that the flatware has not been well taken care of so it needs some polishing? If so, don't give up before you get started. Polishing this flatware is not very difficult because it was made to be resistant to staining and tarnishing so with just a bit of elbow grease you may find that the family heirloom that you were given can still look beautiful and still be something that you would be happy to use for all of your special occasions.

Polishing your Gorham flatware is not difficult. In fact, each piece should take less than a minute to do, so you'll see instant results that will keep you going until the whole set is looking as beautiful as it did the day it was purchased. You might just find that you want to eat off the flatware immediately once it is polished.

If you want to go the all natural route all you need to polish your Gorham flatware is white vinegar. Just dampen a soft cloth with vinegar and rub over the surface of the flatware. You'll likely find that the flatware instantly comes to life and takes on a whole different look and feel. Not only does the vinegar polish the sterling silver, it also helps to clean it, so you're removing all of the impurities.

If you don't want to go the vinegar route you can actually buy sterling silver polish. You should be sure that you buy the type of polish that can be used on sterling silver instead of just anything. Place a small amount of polish on a cloth and then wipe the polish over the surface of the flatware and watch as all of the dust and grime is removed to reveal your beautiful flatware that you'll be proud to show off at your next dinner party ! Each piece will take a matter of seconds, so don't be daunted by the fact that you should do each piece one at a time for the best results. Once you get the hang of the process, it'll go by quickly and the effort will be more than worth it.

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