Popular: How a Geek in Pearls Discovered the Secret to Confidence

Popular: How a Geek in Pearls Discovered the Secret to Confidence

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New York Times Bestseller

A breakout teen author explores the true meaning of popularity and how to survive middle school in this hysterically funny, touchingly honest contemporary memoir. 

“I was inspired by [Maya’s] journey and made a point of saving a copy of ‘Popular’ for my sister, who starts middle school this fall. Maybe if I had read it when I was her age, it could have saved me from a world of hurt, or at least put that world in perspective.” —Maude Apatow, New York Times Book Review

Can curlers, girdles, Vaseline, and a strand of pearls help a shy girl become popular?
Maya Van Wagenen is about to find out. 

Stuck near the bottom of the social ladder at “pretty much the lowest level of people at school who aren’t paid to be here,” Maya has never been popular. But before starting eighth grade, she decides to begin a unique social experiment: spend the school year following a 1950s popularity guide, written by former teen model Betty Cornell.

The real-life results are hilarious, painful, and filled with unexpected surprises. Told with humor and grace, Maya’s journey offers readers of all ages a thoroughly contemporary example of kindness and self-confidence, along with a better understanding of what it means to be popular.


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How to Choose Ladies' Watches

History of Ladies Watches

Decades before wristwatches become fashionable, women women's watches. These were variants of pocket watches and hung from long chains around the neck. Usually, a woman would tuck the watch into her waist band or into a small pocket sewn inside the seam of her dress where the bodice joined the skirt.

In those days, women were given more freedom than men in choosing different ways of displaying their timepieces. Apart from the necklace style, they could also dangle from short chains at their waists, from pin-like brooches on their blouses, or from earrings and rings.

Today's Ladies Watches

Today's market for fine women's watches is inundated with styles and models that could make any watch aficionado quiver with excitement. There are new designs introduced every year, and it becomes quite difficult for any successful woman to keep just a few pieces.

To build a basic collection, you would need at least one piece for each of the following women's watch classifications: Sports watches, Dress watches, and Jewelry watches. Naturally, there are name brands that would have all of these types, but it would be more impressive to choose from among various watchmakers.

Sports Watches

First, sports watches are a must for the active, modern woman. Whether you're a rock climber, a diver, a runner, or just one who regularly attends Pilates classes, it would do you well to keep a chronograph that water-resistant and has other essential features such as a stopwatch and an alarm. Sports watches are usually made of sturdy materials such as steel, titanium, rubber, and leather. Ladies' sports watches use thinner straps than men's watches and are considerably smaller. If you're partial to pastels, keep in mind that these shades go well with fair complexity. Darker skin shades call for straps or dials in neutral or very bright colors.

Dress Watches

Next, we have the dress watches. Dress watches should be a part of every woman's wardrobe. These used to mean a thin, classic design in yellow or white gold, with an elegant bracelet or a delicately rolled leather strap, but the standards are now more relaxed. As long as the women's watch you choose does not have gross markings, velcro or rubber straps, or oversized components, most watches should be able to shift between formal, dressy occasions and casual, everyday wear.

Jewelry Watches

And finally, jewelry watches – these are pieces that took months, or even years, to be assembled by master craftsmen. Each stone in this fine women's watch is carefully chosen and matched for clarity, color, and flawlessness before being manually set.


Fine women's watches have really evolved from the pocket watches of yore to the present sleek and svelte fine women's watches which comes in all shapes and styles. Just remember to wear a piece that you know you'll be comfortable in. If you need to limit yourself to just one watch, get something that is not too "extreme" – not too sporty or trendy nor too jeweled or formal. To make the best statement, your best ladies watches guide should be good, old-fashioned common sense.

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Birthday Gifts From Find-me-a-gift

Birthday Gifts from find-me-a-gift

Find-me-a-gift have a huge range of birthday gifts. Over 1000 birthday gifts to choose from for men women and children.

Below is a range of birthday gifts for men and women

Birthday Presents for Him – Man’s Birthday Present Suggestions
All the best mans birthday presents – all in one place. From humorous birthday present ideas like the Dirty Adventure Kit to gifts for the office such as a hands free phone unit. We even have birthday activity presents that will appeal to all men. For example, the helicopter-flying lesson.

Whatever kind of present you are looking for, Find Me A Gift’s men’s birthday presents range are certain to have something that’s just right for him. Whether you want 30th or 40th birthday presents, or gifts for teens, then Find Me A Gift is the place to be.

Birthday gifts for men – Birthday gifts for him – Birthday gifts for man

Become a Laird from find-me-a-gift
Please note this is a Scottish “Laird” title which is equivalent to the English “Lord” title
Become a Lord (Laird) or Lady when you buy this gift and be the owner of a plot of land on the Kincavel Estate in Sonachan, Scotland, and have legal usage of the title “Laird” (meaning “land owner”). Laird is a title that can be used by men or women but the commonly accepted equivalent for women is “Lady”.

Granny Race Track from find-me-a-gift
Race these old fogies against each other around the track to see whos the super granny or the pit stop pensioner, watch out for the cross over section…bad timing could be nasty and the clip on barriers help prevent the grannies from flying off! These grannies equipped with wheelchair and cosy blanket to keep them warm while they zoom around the track can go fast when they want! So just make sure you keep out of their way!

Fighting Grandads from find-me-a-gift
In the red corner weighing in at 122g we have the MIGHTY… FIGHTING… GRANDAD!!! In the blue corner we have the challenger.. also weighing in at 122g we have the COLOSSAL…FIGHTING…GRANDAD!!!… In this O.A.P (Offensive Action Punch-up) Battle we will see which fighting grandad has been truly wound up more and which fighting grandad will be left standing to become the champ.

Executive Ball Scratcher from find-me-a-gift

The Executive Ball Scratcher is every gentleman’s executive dream. Ball Scratcher’s do the one job that the executive gentleman has to do himself: Scratch their balls!

The Executive Ball Scratcher for Gentlemen has become one of our most surprising bestsellers and we’ve NEVER had anyone wanting to return one!

Boob Stress Relievers – Juggling Boobs
The Boob Stress Chest is the brand new improvement on the classic booby stress reliever. Tired hands? Aching wrists? Stressed out? These boobs will gently soothe your body and mind back to chilled out bliss! The Boobs Stress Chest is a perfect antidote to all of the day’s stressful situations as well as providing quick relief for your overworked hands.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Force FX Collectable at find-me-a-gift
Winner Of Best Toy Weapon On Channel Five’s ‘ The Gadget Show ‘

These Luke Skywalker FX Lightsabers are from Return of the Jedi (Episode 6) and have a green blade. Master Replicas have now stopped production of them so there is a limited number available, so order now to avoid disappointment.
After Luke was defeated at Bespin, losing his father’s lightsaber in the process, his affinity with the Jedi traditions grows more serious.

Potty Putter from Find-me-a-gift
Introducing Potty Putter! The toilet time golf game that lets you practice your putting while going to the bathroom. If you’re a golfer who can’t get enough practice time, then Potty Putter is for you! Now you can sink putts where no one else has sunk them before – in the bathroom!

Finger Drums from find-me-a-gift
Now you can be the ultimate office enemy….. just keep practicing your drum rolls in important meetings…or when someone is trying to pour their heart out to you!! Finger Drums Fingers are used instead of sticks with this superb tiny electronic drum kit.
Each replica drum is touch sensitive and plays a digital drum sound when touched. It even includes a cymbal, and a bass drum with pedal.
The demo mode proves just how effective it can be and, with practice, remarkably musical results can be achieved, and even recorded and played back!

USB Rocket Launcher
The USB rocket launcher gives you the ultimate desk defence system to keep your sweaty, smelly breathed boss away from you to leave you to get on with the important matters of the day, which include anything other than work! The USB rocket launcher holds three rockets and you can control your USB rocket launcher from your computer; rotating and tilting the launcher until you have the enemy in your sights. Then as you hit the fire button the three missiles deploy sequentially. The missiles are made of soft foam so cant do any real damage, which is a shame!

Birthday Gifts for women – Birthday gifts for her – Birthday gifts for woman

Aurora Colour Changing Clock from find-me-a-gift
The Aurora clock lives up to its name. Changing between 12 colours only the northern light can compare. It’s just the comforting light you need to dream your away to sleep on a dark night. The clock will colour change between 12 unique colours, one for every hour. It’s easy to read large display is ideal for when you awake with your eyes full of sleep, in the morning. It has a one-touch function for very easy operation. The alarm will flash the Aurora clock and sound the alarm at the same time making sure you wake up.

Domestic Goddess Apron – Bib Ava Pink Paris at Find-me-a-gift
Domestic Goddess Aprons are taking the UK by storm. This beautiful Ava Pink Paris Domestic Goddess Apron has been featured on prime time TV such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Desperate Housewives, as well as in Elle, Country Living, National Enquirer, The Washington Post and even the front cover of the Wall Street Journal!

Bubble Bath Machine at find-me-a-gift
Bubbles just got big time! Place the Bubble Bath Machine on the side of your bath and fill up with your favourite bath bubbles and water. Lay back, switch on and watch millions of perfect frothy little bubbles fill up your tub. A must have for people who love a good soak in the tub.

A lovely gift for the person in your life who needs pampering, maybe even yourself! Lie back and relax with our Bubble Bath Machine, sure to make your worries drift away…

Orgasmatron Head Massager at Find-me-a-gift
Orgasmatron Head Massager is truly amazing. It doesn’t look much, some say it looks a little weird but it really does give you surprising sensations. Within seconds it can give you goose bumps, hairs on the back of your neck stand up, your spine tingles and you can feel trance states of ecstasy. The feeling the Orgasmatron head massager gives you is pure excitement. Consider it “exercise for the hairs on the back of your neck. “The Orgasmatron’s smooth tips glide across the surface of your scalp, sending sparkling sensations thru your entire body.


Eye Massager – The Eyezone Massager
Our Eye Massager is brilliant for effective relief from stress, headaches and migraines. As seen on Richard and Judy and developed from Chinese acupuncture, massage and magnetic principles, this 3 in 1 battery powered Eye Massager can help with the following:
Eye Massager alleviates eye fatigue caused by extensive use of computers, long periods of driving, studying and reading.

Name a Rose Gift Set at Find-me-a-gift
Name A Rose Gift Set. Name a Rose gift pack is a beautiful gift, which is both touching and unique. Inside the gift box is a unique unnamed pack of rose seeds for recipient to nurture and grow. By filling in the enclosed registration card they can name their rose and have this information stored on the official “Name a Rose” database.
In addition to the rose seeds there is a beautiful rose naming certificate and lots of fascinating information on the world of roses. This gift is perfect for either a great introduction to the world of roses or even a thoughtful gesture to a rose enthusiast.

Mad Cow Hot Socks at find-me-a-gift
Aroma Cushion – Hot Sox – Mad Cow
These soft, cosy Hot Sox are the perfect way to soothe your tired or cold feet. Pamper yourself or a loved one with these cute 100% cotton Grapefruit and Benzoin scented feet treats!
Not only do Hot Socks keep your toes toasty, they also help to improve your circulation and ease arthritic pain while the essence of Grapefruit and Benzoin relaxes and calms your body and mind. Your feet have never had it so good!

Message in a bottle at find-me-a-gift
The Message in a Bottle is one of the most important gifts we offer. You could buy someone a £1,000,000 diamond ring and still not make it clear what they meant to you. The Message in a Bottle gives you the chance to do exactly that. You’ve got plenty of space to let someone know exactly how you feel, whether it’s a heart-rending love letter or a simple thank you!

Philips 7″ and 9″ Digital Photo Frame Display at find-me-a-gift
Every picture tells a story…. How many digital pictures are hidden on your PC? See, share and relive your memories with Philips Digital Photo Display, the easiest way to display your digital photos in print quality – without a PC.

If you have left it a bit late to buy your gifts? Don’t panic find-me-a-gift offer a next working day delivery if you place your order before 3.30pm.

Www.find-me-a-gift has over 1000 gift and present ideas for men, women & children for any occasion. Click below to see the full range

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The Authorities (Volume 1)

The Authorities (Volume 1)

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Sinclair Rutherford is a young Seattle cop with a taste for the finer things. Doing menial tasks and getting hassled by superiors he doesn’t respect are definitely not “finer things.” Good police work and bad luck lead him to crack a case that changes quickly from a career-making break into a high-profile humiliation when footage of his pursuit of the suspect—wildly inappropriate murder weapon in hand—becomes an Internet sensation. But the very publicity that has made Rutherford a laughing stock in the department lands him what could be the job opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to work with a team of eccentric experts, at the direction of a demanding but distracted billionaire. Together, they must solve the murder of a psychologist who specialized in the treatment of patients who give people “the creeps.” There is no shortage of suspects.

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Jewelry – How Much is Too Much?

Deciding on how much jewelry to wear is always dependent on where you are going and what you are trying to accomplish. If your goal is to look professional, there are fewer options for wearing certain kinds and amounts of jewelry than if you are going out to lunch with friends. Evening jewelry may look beautiful for a night out on the town but is way too over the top for going to the grocery store or attending a meeting at the school. Making the decision on how much jewelry to wear requires that you keep some basic guidelines in mind but also take a look at the final effect with a critical eye.

Professional Wear and Interviews

Selecting the right type and the right quantity of jewelry for a job interview or a day at the office can be summed up in one statement, “Less is best”. When in doubt take one piece of jewelry off, especially if you are wearing heavy or clunky styles. Generally there are three types of jewelry that are appropriate for interviews and careers and those include rings, bracelets or watches and necklaces. If you are wearing a necklace that is large or has a large pendant, avoid wearing brooches or lapel pins that may add that look of too much. Avoid jewelry that looks too young or that is designed as casual jewelry. Large numbers of rings, necklaces or bracelets can also look very unprofessional. Stick with simple styles that are classy and tasteful rather than evening or very formal types of jewelry.

Casual Wear

Casual time is the perfect time to wear whatever jewelry you want. Keep in mind that if you are going to the beach or planning outdoor activities, smaller, lighter jewelry that is easily damaged such as fine chains or long, dangly earrings are often not the most practical choice. Since casual clothing is so ideally matched to a lot of the fun fashion jewelry, this is your chance to really go crazy. Try mixing, matching and even layering different items to get the look that you want. Avoid wearing really heavy types of jewelry or obvious evening jewelry pieces with casual wear, this can send a message that you are really a snob.

Evening Wear

For formal types of events wear simple yet elegant pieces that compliment your clothing. A heavier gold or silver bracelet and a larger ring are a good match for most outfits, however avoid multiple bracelets and multiple rings if they are heavy. A diamond dinner ring or a single solitaire on a chain is both dramatic as well as subtle. Necklaces can be fine chains or they can also be heavier chains with pendants, but avoid mixing the two. Earrings should compliment the other jewelry and suit the style of the clothing as well as your hair. If you want to really highlight your earrings, avoid wearing a necklace and select longer, hanging styles of earrings or studs that are dazzling gems.

Whenever you select jewelry for any event, make sure you take a look at the full effect in a mirror. Don’t just look at your neck and face if you are also wearing bracelets, rings, watches or an ornate belt. Keep in mind it is the accumulation of jewelry that will put you into the category of too much, and only by looking at your complete appearance can you evaluate where you stand.

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Diamond Symbolism and Mythology

Nowadays, we all know a diamond engagement ring is the most important jewelry purchase in a man’s life and the most significant to the woman who receives it. Diamond is the birthstone of people born in the month of April and is also used as the symbol of a sixty-year anniversary, such as a Diamond Jubliee.

However, the symbolism of diamonds goes beyond romance. Through centuries diamonds have been a symbol of love, excellence and purification. Diamond, because of its remarkable hardness and clarity, also still reigns supreme in its symbolism of power, strength, brilliance and unparalleled beauty. Diamonds are enchanting treasures that have fascinated mankind throughout the centuries. Many regarded them as magical. Not only were they rare and beautiful, no tool could cut them and even the fiercest fire would leave the diamonds unscathed.

Diamonds have been used symbolically because of their extraordinary physical properties. It was said that the Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods. Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars. In Tibetan Buddhism, also known as Vajrayana (Diamond Vehicle), diamonds are an important symbol and the Diamond Sutra is one of the most popular texts.

In ancient India, diamonds were not cut for fear that they would lose its magical properties. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that diamonds would grow darker in the face of guilt and shine brightly for the innocent. Another belief is that in the presence of poison, diamond would also change color. The rainbow colors of the prism were thought to give one magical power over Evil Eyes.

According to occultist myths, it was believed that diamonds possess several supernatural powers, e.g. a diamond’s hardiness can only be broken by smearing it with fresh goat’s blood. Or a diamond gives victory to he who carries it bound on his left arm, no matter the number of enemies.

It was also believed to have been used as a healing stone. Such as a way of detecting and detoxifying poison, opening spirituality channels and assisting calming creatures.

Today, diamonds are used to symbolize eternity and love. The first diamond engagement ring can be traced to the XV century, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave the first diamond ring engagement to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. At that time, the diamond was used in its natural crystalline structure. The octahedral or eight-sided formation, like 2 pyramid joined at the base, was mounted with the lower pyramid completely hidden in the ring setting and the upper half rising out of it. Light would be reflected from all four sides of this exposed upper point. The structure of this diamond mirrors the symbolism of the Egyptian pyramids. The union in 1477 was celebrated by the exchange of a diamond betrothal ring which would have been an early example and perhaps the first royal one.

Other early example of betrothal jewels incorporating diamonds include the Bridal Crown of Blanche (ca. 1370-80) and the Heftlein brooch of Vienna (ca. 1430-40), a pictorial piece depicting a wedding couple. In the 19th century, Napoleon gave his wife Marie Louise an exquisite diamond necklace on the birth of their son. Perhaps the most published romantic diamond gifts in modern times have been the jewels given by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor. These include a 33 carat diamond worth over $9 million and the pear-shaped 69 carat Taylor-Burton diamond.

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An all-star cast of the greatest actresses of our time – including Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave, Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Toni Collette, Claire Danes, Natasha Richardson and Glenn Close – come together in this passionate and heartwarming story. As Ann (Redgrave) reflects on one beautiful and life-changing weekend with the one true love of her life, her daughters (Collette and Richardson) come to their own understanding about the power of the past and the unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters, family, and the loves of their lives.DRAMA
Run Time: 117
Release Date: 9/7/2010

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Wedding Registry – Creating One

It’s never too early, or late, to create a wedding registry. Whether you’ve just gotten engaged or will tie the knot in a few weeks, now is the time to get your list together. Family and friends may want to mail you a gift before the wedding, or they may personally present you with a package at your engagement party, shower, or reception. Crafting a registry may seem a bit overwhelming, but not to worry- we’ve got five essential tips that will take you through the process from start to finish.

1. What do you need, what do you want?

Some items on your list may be things you’ve never owned before but would love to have; an espresso machine, an outdoor grill, or a plasma TV. Some items may be essential to stocking your new home; towels and linens, a bakeware set, or a microwave oven. And some items that you currently have may be in need of replacing; that mismatched set of dishes, those worn out pots and pans, or that pair of champagne glasses that seems to have become a single.

2. Choose multiple stores.

Give your guests options by registering at several different places. Create lists at two or three stores of varying price and product. For example, you may register at a department store (such as Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s) for fine china and other high ticket items, at a discount store (such as Target or Wal-Mart) for more frugal alternatives, and at a specialty store (such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Crate and Barrel) for specific items like linens, bath accessories, and storage containers.

3. Ask about rules and returns.

Of the several stores you choose, be aware of each of the stores’ perks and policies. How long will your registry remain active after the wedding? Can guests shop online as well as in the store? Do you need a gift receipt in order to return the item? Once the item is returned, will you receive cash or a store credit? Once your wedding day has come and gone, will you receive a discount on items not purchased from your registry? These are all valid questions to present to your preferred registry locations.

4. It’s a couples’ thing.

Now is not the time for parental participation. Though mom may be able to suggest how many place settings to register for, the particular pattern of your plates should be picked out by you and your partner. After all, the two of you will be the ones living with it! Creating your registry is a fun bonding activity. You’ll have the opportunity to talk about the future and shop without spending a dime!

5. Easy etiquette.

There are some essential rules to remember when registering. To begin, never include your registry information on your wedding invitations- it’s bad form. Registry information can, however, be incorporated in a shower invitation as this event will be thrown for you by a friend or family member. Otherwise, word of mouth is the best way to inform guests about your gift giving preferences. Also, keep an eye on the number of items that have been purchased from your registry. If only a handful of gifts remain before the final weeks of the wedding, consider adding a few more to the list. This will give guests more options and give you a chance to include that cool new clock you’ve had your eye on! Finally, remember to give thanks. Write a note within 48-hours for any gifts received before the wedding. Once you’ve returned from the honeymoon, make sure your remaining thank-you cards are mailed no more than one month afterward.

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Satisfied: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption

Satisfied: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption

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The Counter-Cultural Move from Accumulation to Abundance

Why is it so hard to find the contented, satisfied life? What deep hungers drive our purchasing habits, accumulation, and consumer lifestyle?

Satisfied is for those drowning in debt, but also those getting farther and farther ahead financially. It is for those who have forgotten who they are and mistakenly equate their self-worth with their net worth. It is for those who are crippled by comparison. It is for those with full closets and empty souls.

Satisfied provides an inspiring and transformative vision for living a deeply contented life in our consumer-driven culture.

“Jeff Manion’s voice is such a wise, clear, helpful voice, and I’m so thankful for the timely and challenging invitation he’s issued in these pages. I’m inspired to live more richly with fewer things, and to pursue gratitude and generosity with more intention.” –Shauna Niequist, author of Bread and Wine

Used Book in Good Condition

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Mature Women Fashion

Mature Women Fashion

As a mature woman, you need not give up following the fashion. In fact it is vital to keep up with it and stay young that way.

The key here is to dress age appropriately and check very carefully whether you look good in a garment or a combination of them. Very often mature women want to keep up with the latest trends. This is ok as long as it suits you and does not look over the top or strictly outrageous.

Mature Women Fashion somewhat differs from the younger style in that outfits should be co-ordinated and suit the colouring of your complexion and hair. (In youth anything is permitted). Furthermore you should adapt your clothes to your body shape and then enhance the outfit with appropriate accessories.

This is where so many women try so hard but don’t always succeed. Unless you know how to, you could be dressing without style.

In your mature years it is advisable to do focussed shopping rather than buying

anything you see and like just for the sake of having that particular piece.

Where you may have bought anything that you thought would look good when you were younger, in your mature years you can be more selective and choose exactly what suits and fits perfectly. Not only is this a good policy for complementing your existing wardrobe but it is also easier on the purse. If you want to complement an outfit that is already in your wardrobe and has even perhaps been there for years, you can take a part of the outfit to the shops and match it with something new. This way you will add to your wardrobe little by little and will always have something different to enhance it.

Mature Women Fashion can be an area of exploration. Always try and let your own unique style come through though, don’t conform or be dictated to by designers, follow your path with elegance and work out exactly what suits you best. If you have previously not taken much interest in this part of your life, it is never too late, all it takes is to be interested and keen in looking your best. Never let yourself go because nothing undermines self respect more than that. We all at times are exhausted and can’t be bothered with making an effort but keep up and you will feel better about yourself. Stepping out of the house, knowing that you have made an effort with your appearance and look good has to give you a great confidence boost.

Keep an eye on the classic outfits and combine this with a touch of personal favourites. Be it shoes, tights, scarves, jewellery. Fashion lends itself so well to combination and is ideal to let your personality shine through.


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