Types of Tableware and Popular Materials

Part of throwing the best dinner parties is to have tableware items that are not only stunning to look at but also provide the user with practicality. There is however a wide range of tableware options for those in the market adorning their dining table. Furthermore, tableware can be defined into four distinctive types. All are pretty self explanatory but these four types are serveware, drinkware, flatware and dinnerware.

Serveware as the name suggests is made up of items used for serving, this could be both utensils as well as receptacles for holding large amounts of food before it is transferred to the dinnerware; items designed for individual dining. Flatware includes items such as cutlery and hence can be considered a massively important type of tableware. Finally drinkware is used for the serving of drinks, strictly this refers to mugs and cups rather than glasses as these can be labelled as glassware, although at times the term drinkware is used to describe any item that can be drank from.

As well as these four predominant types of tableware, there is a range of materials that items can be manufactured; the most common of these materials being porcelain, bone china, earthenware and stoneware.

Porcelain can be extremely delicate and fragile but equally beautiful and refined. Porcelain is typically less robust than other hardier materials and in many instances is one of the expensive of the four materials used in the manufacture of tableware. In most homes they are kept for special occasions. Bone china, although regularly confused with porcelain due to the large similarities between the two is fundamentally different. Bone china items are usually more expensive than their porcelain equivalents and in many cases are sturdier due to the use of bone ash in the construction process.

Earthenware is one of the more commonly used materials for casual tableware. Patterns and colours are prevalent in earthenware items and they can be considered a cheaper option than either porcelain or bone china. Stoneware is usually considered the cheapest option of all the materials and hence is used widely for informal dining. Additionally, the durability and weight of stoneware items makes them an appealing option for many.

Hopefully this article has highlighted some of the more important aspects in the world of tableware and has provided insightful knowledge on the subject. By understanding the different types of tableware as well as the types of materials used in construction it is possible to find the perfect set for any dining table.

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Using Home Tutors To Secure Your Child’s Future

A well-rounded education is something that every parent wants for their child, with particular emphasis put on English and Math. It is easy to fear for our future generations, though, especially with the popular musical artists and TV shows doing little to contribute to that education. It shouldn’t really come as any surprise to learn that our youth is falling behind in both English and math, making the need for a home tutor all the more essential. With classroom sizes continually on the rise, teachers are having a hard time giving kids the one on one time they need, but that can all be taken care of with a little bit of private tutoring.

There seems to be a move on in popular culture to have smart kids dumb down in an attempt to be accepted socially by their peers. Combine that with life at home, where parents are now asked to work longer hours or more than one job in order to make ends meet and you have a recipe for educational disaster. Kids need a positive influence in their lives if they are to excel, but far too many are being influenced by things they see on the internet, leading them to become less interested in learning. In-home tutoring can help those kids get back on track and they can pick up the slack for those parents that simply don’t have the time to play as big a role as they would like in the education of their children. That little extra help with their studies can rekindle the interest of a child who might otherwise feel that they are somehow being ignored or left behind.

Private tutoring is also a good idea for those parents who do have time to devote to study supervision, especially if they may be a little rusty on some of the subjects being learned by their kids. Sometimes the new perspective that a tutor provides can help re-energize a child who has stalled in their learning efforts.

The reality is that well-meaning parents can end up trying to help their child with homework, but may in fact end up providing the wrong answers. That will only add to the problems the child is experiencing and may actually make them worse.

Private home tutors have the skills and experience necessary to deliver a one on one teaching experience that will help a child shine in their studies. There is no need to watch a kid struggle with their education when real help is only a phone call away.

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1940’s Women’s Fashion Inventions

1940’s Women’s fashion was a time of great restrictions on design, fabric, and trim materials. The war forced clothing designs to be simple yet it also forced manufactures to be creative with what they could use and invent new materials. The 1940’s brought about new women’s fashion inventions many of which are still around today.

  1. The girdle. Prior to the 1940’s a women’s shape was made by metal boned corsets. In the 1940’s the girdle was invented as a form of tummy tuck underwear. It shaped just the middle down to the hips and created the smooth hourglass silhouette associated with vintage fashions. The girdle was uncomfortable and was eventually replaced by nylons or no shaping undergarment at all. Today the girdle returns with body shapers, control top stockings, control top underwear and other suck and smooth foundation garments. They name may have changed but these garments are just updated girdles in disguise.
  2. Wedge shoes. Leather and wood was needed for the war so shoe designs had to get creative. The solution was cork. A cork sole was used for shoe heels and then wrapped in a pretty fabric, mesh or even reptile skin. It was economical and allowed a taller heel then what was considered a safe heeled pump. Today wedgies come in and out of fashion, particularly in summer, when wedge sandals hit the beaches.
  3. Rayon. If you didn’t know, Rayon is a synthetic fabric. It was invented and became very popular in the 1940’s. Up till then wool, silk, and cotton was what clothing was made of. Silk and cotton were needed for the war so Rayon was used instead. It could be lightweight like silk or heavy like wool. Today rayon is still used in fine fabrics, especially in summer.
  4. Nylons. Prior to the 40’s women’s stockings were made of silk. They were very delicate and needed frequent mending and hand washing. Dupont then invented nylon and thus “Nylons” became a brand name for stockings. Today nylon is still used to make all kinds of hosiery and fabrics.
  5. The Zipper. Thanks to new inventions of the 1940’s women can zip up clothing instead of using buttons, snaps or lacing.
  6. Plastic. Although various forms of plastic had been around since the 1920’s it wasn’t until the 1940’s that they really took center stage in the fashion world. Jewelry was made of Bakelite plastic in big colorful designs. Handbags, makeup case, and household items were being made of Lucite. You may not recognize these plastic names but I am sure you are aware that plastic is everywhere in fashion- from cute barrettes to zippers to purse handles.
  7. Shoulder pads. You may think that the 1980’s were the first decade to use shoulder bags. They actually go back much farther than the 1940’s but as a regular fashion accessory for women the 1940’s were the first. They used shoulder pads in dresses, jackets, and blouses in order to square off the shoulder for a boxy military feel. The 1980’s were heavily influenced by 1940’s fashion and thus shoulder pads came back in style.

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Why Are Gola Bags So Popular?

Are you looking for Gola bags? Then you are in good company. These bags are one of the most exciting and enduring fashion brands in the UK, by combining styles from the past with today’s modern trends. Gola bags are extremely popular and are in big demand, with people constantly searching for the best prices for these trendy bags. This article will discuss where to find the best deals.

What makes Gola bags so popular?

Gola bags combine retro inspired designs with stylish practicality, which ultimately made these bags an iconic success way back in the 70s. This success continues even to this day. These quality retro bags are made with a strong durable PVC outer shell which would definitely come in handy to protect the contents of your bag during those rainy days.

One of the most popular designs are the Gola Redford record shoulder bags in an array of exciting colours and unique designs, which feature colour contrasting, retro style, one main zip compartment, an inner zipped pocket plus a fully branded lining. Unlike ordinary messenger-style bags, the Redford includes a large printed Gola logo on the front, sometimes combined with a trendy design, and contrast piping throughout as well as a long adjustable shoulder strap.

Some other favourite designs are the Gola Tado, Gola Classics Holdall and Gola Classics Bronson shoulder as well as the Gola Johansson bags that can be used as a small sports bag or you could be creative and it as a shopper. All of these bags come in a range of new bright exciting colours and designs. Imagine carrying a unique Gola bag that complements your outfits or your sense of style, all the while making you look cool, trendy and fashionable throughout the year.

From my research of satisfied customers who have actually purchased the bags, you’ll see the 4 top benefits and features of the Gola bags from customer reviews:

  • A good sized bag, great shape, ideal for everyday casual wear to work, college, school or just out and about. Large enough to carry a laptop, or even school or college books as well as a packed lunch.
  • Trendier than a boring rucksack, with 1 outside pocket at the end for a mobile phone. The strap is comfortable for your shoulders and the material is strong and sturdy and also shower proof.
  • Other types and brands of messenger bags can often be way more expensive. However, with the Gola bags, you get strong durable bags that are good of quality, and cheaper in price.
  • Attractive designs and colours that go with any outfit. Why not team up your favourite Gola bag with a nice pair of jeans and a trendy top or jacket.

So where can you find the best Gola bags?

Many of the bags are unisex, whereas others are specifically styled and coloured with women and girls in mind.

There are various online retailers that sell these lovely bags. Some of them run sales and promotions throughout the year and some of them are just low priced bargains. Some of them even offer free delivery (as quickly as one day if you live in the UK) and free returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase – that sounds like a good deal!

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The Best Ways for Vase Placement in Your Home/Office

In today’s times, a wide range of ceramic vases are available that add to your workspace or simply brighten up your living area. With vibrant colors and splendid designs, these are an ideal choice to buy for yourself or gift to loved ones.

They would be blend perfectly with both artificial and natural flowers.

The vases come in all shapes, sizes and colors that you’ll be spoilt for choices. It can sit as a statement piece in your drawing room or quirk up your garden with the bigger ones. Smaller vases can be perfect to spice up your work desk.

The great collection ensures that you find the one to match your need and complement the walls.

Here is how you can use your vase:-

1. Just put some fresh flowers and let the aroma cleanse your soul.

2. If picking up flowers and changing them on a daily basis is not your thing, go for bunch of artificial ones and perk up your vase.

3. Simply put them in the garden or hall, and let the vase make a point based on your personality.

4. Pick up a small one, add a bloom and decorate your desk or shelves with style.

5. Fill up with candies and chocolates for kids.

6. Keep it in kitchen to store your kitchenware.

7. Decorate your washroom by adding a bright one and store your toiletries.

A vase is an open container. It can be made from a number of materials, such as ceramics, glass, non-rusting metals, such as aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless steel. Even wood has been used to make vases, either by using tree species that naturally resist rot, such as teak, or by applying a protective coating to conventional wood. Vases are often decorated, and they are often used to hold cut flowers.

Vases generally have a similar shape. The foot or the base may be bulbous, flat, carinate, or another shape. The body forms the main portion of the piece. Some vases have a shoulder, where the body curves inward, a neck, which gives height, and a lip, where the vase flares back out at the top. Some vases are also given handles.

Garden vases are usually V-shaped but they can also be cylindrical or bowl-shaped. They are usually made of ceramic or, today, plastic.

Materials could be glass, ceramic, crystal, plastic, metal, wood, porcelain.

They are of different shapes like bottle ones, cylinder-shaped ones, Flower bricks, Jar shaped, Pitcher shaped, V-shaped, Rotund shaped, Turnip-shaped, and many others still in developing in today’s times.

Beautiful designs enlivens your dining room and provides sense of self love towards your establishment called as home. Vases can liven up your work space equally well. Those people who do not have a garden feels the lack of having a large outdoor flower vase but now they look at indoor vases. You see, everybody feels nourished by the presence of flowers being it natural or cut ones. The combination of a particularly shaped vases and the choice of flowers, directly represents the personality of a person. Flower vases do overcome the particular limitation of one’s habitat.

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Vintage Plastics; Bakelite, Celluloid and Lucite

Antique and Vintage Bakelite Jewelry plus all Antique and Vintage Plastics including Celluloid, Lucite, Bakelite Kitchenware, Flatware, Utensils and Collectibles have gained significant respect and are being sought after more and more each year since more are being collected by all generations.

Many people don’t realize how many objects in their home when they were growing up was actually made from Bakelite and Lucite. Kitchen Clocks, That Plastic Radio that played all the time, The Handles of Flatware and Utensils, Egg Beaters, Ice Cream Scoopers, The Tops of Sugar Shakers, Can Openers, Pot Handles and so much more were made from Bakelite and Lucite. Even Telephones were made from Bakelite. The Marriage of Bakelite and Lucite showed itself in Two-tone Flatware and Costume Jewelry and is not limited to solids only. A variety of Patterns such as Checkerboards, Dots, Animals, Pearlized Designs, End-Of-Day in a Vast array of Colors were produced. Spoons with Bakelite Handles are hardest to find since Boxed Bakelite Kitchenware Flatware Sets were mostly sold with only the Forks and Knives for Picnics and Luncheons. If you can, have a look around Grandmas or Moms Kitchen and Jewelry Box. I bet you’ll find some Wonderful Collectible Bakelite that you never noticed before.

Plastics such as Bakelite were primarily made to provide the public with less expensive items especially during the hardships of World War II. Incredibly Plastics such as Celluloid have been around since the 1800’s!

Celluloid was invented by John Wesley Hyatt in 1869 and was widely used in 1890-1917 all through the Victorian Era, Art Nouveau and parts of the Art Deco Period. Because Celluloid is highly flammable, manufacturing was for a limited time and had discontinued until safer plastics had been introduced, making Vintage and Antique Celluloid Jewelry Highly Collectible today.

Bakelite on the other hand is unmeltable. It is an early Polymeric Plastic made from a Phenol Formaldehyde Resin invented by Leo Hendrik Baekeland in 1907 while he was trying to invent a varnish.

Be gentle with your Bakelite and wash them by hand. A Dishwashing Machine will ruin the finish. Always buy what you like and be Creative with All Vintage Plastics. Display your Bakelite, Celluloid, Lucite Brooches and Jewelry in a Lucite Box in your Living room as a conversation piece. Design your Kitchen with Vintage Bakelite Utensils, Cookware and Appliances for a Fantastic Vintage Appearance. And always Buy from reputable and knowledgeable dealers.

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Tips on Buying Your Ceramic Dinnerware!

The word ceramic was derived from the greek word ‘Keramos’ meaning ‘earthen vessel’. The word has now been applied to a wide range of products from terracotta to the finest bone china. Dinnerware and tableware are just two of the categories often used by stores to describe the end use of this range of ceramics.

For the discerning shopper selection of dinnerware is primarily based around fashion. In today’s fast moving world, where casual dining has become the norm, our dinnerware often reflects our taste in food or the environment in which we use it. For example Mexican food might well be served in brightly coloured dishes decorated with peppers, spices and other vegetables reflecting the type of food we might eat..

However the technical features of the dinnerware are much harder to identify. First what type of ceramic is it we are buying? Is it terracotta,earthenware,stoneware, porcelain or bone china? Often it just says china on the box but this means nothing as it is just another broad term implying it is a ceramic! But we already know that!

So just how do we identify the different types of pottery? One way is to look at the colour of the body under the shiny glaze. The best place to do this is under the foot of the item as this is often unglazed. In order of pure whiteness the following is a generalised guide to the colour.

Terracotta bright red to red brown body colour

Stoneware pale brown to buff colour

Earthenware ivory to off white

Porcelain off white to blue white

Bone China creamy pure white

Porcelain and bone china can be more easily differentiated from the rest by their translucency. This means that they let light transmit through the piece. If you hold a delicate piece of bone china or porcelain up to the light, and wave your hand between the plate and the light, you can see a shadow of your hand through the piece.

So now we know what type of dinnerware we are buying-what does it mean? Firstly it is a guide to the strength of the piece and means resistance to chipping,cracking and breakage. Secondly it is a guide to the cost. High quality bone china and porcelain manufacturers use highly refined materials and processes to ‘design in’ the whiteness,translucency and strength required by consumers. Consequently the cost is higher. However because of the inherent strength you might expect this type of pottery to last longer in use!

As in life things are never quite so simple. The manufacturers of other types of dinnerware (terracotta,stoneware,and earthenware) compensate for their lack of inherent strength by making chunkier pieces. All types of ware can be highly decorated with colour so this is not the differentiator. So the shopper has a choice of chunkier less white designs or whiter more delicate designs!

The chemical resistance to acids and washing detergents is also worth considering. Generally higher fired glazed tableware such as porcelain and stoneware have a higher intrinsic chemical durability and are ‘unleaded’ but this is not always the case.Top brands now indicate their testing to BS or FDA standards and indicate their quality by labelling with ‘dishwasher safe’ and ‘unleaded’ or ‘lead-free’. The astute shopper therefore needs to look for these labels in determining value for money.

In summary,shopping for dinnerware can be an enjoyable experience! Armed with a little technical knowledge the it can be so much easier! Give at least equal weighting to to the technical performance as to the fashionable design in choosing your ceramic tableware.

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Home Decor Accessories Tell the Stories of Our Lives

A house may be made of brick and mortar. It may be filled with sofa’s, tables, and beds. The linens may change, the wall color too, but it’s the accessories, and decorative pieces that make a house a home. These items, gathered over years, passed down from generation to generation, each add up to tell a story about a family and their traditions. Whether procured on a trip, or given as a gift, proudly display your home accents and only choose pieces that hold special meaning or are uniquely beautiful to you.

One of the best ways to treat a friend or family member is to give them a home décor accessory as a gift. With so many interesting bowls, platters, sculptures, figurines and artwork to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding an interesting accessory that will make a statement in the receiver’s home. Furthermore, by giving designer home décor accessories as gifts, the receiver will always think of you and be reminded of a special birthday, anniversary or other celebratory event when they walk past the item.

A great way to ensure that your home is full of items that are meaningful is to begin a collection of some sort. Whether you choose delicate glass perfume bottles, gorgeous display platters or glimmering jewelry boxes, a collection is something special that can be passed down from generation to generation. While our mothers often collected quaint things like baby spoons or magnets, there are now incredibly affordable but exquisite home accessories to choose from. Designers like Vietri Skyros, Olivia Riegel, and Pearl Dragon all offer an endless array of beautiful items that are perfect for procuring and collecting in your home.

Another way to adorn your home with meaningful accessories that tell a story is to choose a favorite theme and build a collection of accessories all around that theme. For example, if your family loves traveling to Paris, choose Parisian themed clocks, coasters, framed signs, and Eiffel Tower figurines to decorate your home with. Any visitor will be instantly drawn to your thoughtful decorative scheme and will ask about the significance of your accessories. Consider continuing the theme by framing pictures from said trip to Paris in a gallery on the walls or keeping old train tickets and other trinkets under glass or on decorative platters.

We hope we’ve inspired you to begin looking at your home in a new way by choosing home décor accessories that speak to who you are and what kind of family you have. Since your home is the ultimate reflection of self, be your own designer and create the home of your dreams. The right accessories make all the difference on your quest to tell your story.

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The Importance of Family Heirlooms

Family Heirlooms

Most any children are thrilled to receive a family heirloom whether it be passed from many generations or something that they remember getting as a gift as a child. It can also be something that they cherished when they were a young child.

The stories they tell have a special meaning in some way or another. It could be a gift from Aunt Julie or Uncle Bill or it may be something that the child has remembered in their parents or grandparents home while growing up. Who hasn’t wished they had that toy, book or special piece as they watch the antique road show on television.

If it is an item that is passed from generation to generation, take the time to get as much information on the piece as you can. Countless stories can be told of an heirloom piece that was handed down from a prior generation but no one can remember who it came from, the approximate date or the value. When this information is preserved with the heirloom piece, it makes the item so much more valuable.

Even if the piece is only 10 to 20 years old and you remember it from your childhood days, the item may still have a sentimental value. Passing to a future generation will eventually add decades to the piece. It may not be an antique piece now, but in 20 years it will be. An example of some beautiful pieces are Tiffany Lamps made by Louis Comfort Tiffany. If one of his lamps is sold at auction, it can easily bring thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

If you think an heirloom piece is valuable and do not know its worth, do not hesitate to get a professional to assist you in appraising the piece. A museum or a library is an excellent place to start. Most all museums have a curator who may appraise pieces or be able to direct you to the right person who can appraise the piece. Many libraries have books available on antiques and heirlooms. Appraisals are important as knowing the value of an item, the age, the time period when it was used. It can also assist you in what you should have the piece insured for. The insurance company will need to know the value and most likely ask you for an appraisal.

Heirlooms are an important part of history. Without history, we would not be who we are today. We have evolved from the simple life to the technological age. With heirlooms, we know where we came from and how we became who we are today.

Tiffany lamp

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The Uses of Dinnerware Sets

Dinnerware sets are not just used for dinners as the word says. Dinnerware refers to the set of plates, bowls, spoon and fork or in simple terms refers to dishes. Dishes are used for eating and for serving food. A person that loves cooking and adores food wants their dishes to be useful and stay longer. We will review about the different types of dinnerware that are available today.

There are times that dinnerware are not just used for serving food or for eating. It is sometimes locked in a cabinet arranged properly with a specially designed rack to hold them in place. When I went to my grandmother’s house for a birthday party, I went to her kitchen to help her prepare the food. I saw a lot of plates and bowls, different types and designs of spoons and forks all displayed in a beautiful wooden antique cabinet. I asked her if I can wash those plates and use them for the guests. She strongly disagree and said that those plates are valuable and never been used and just for a display because it is her collection and costs a fortune.

Aside from displaying expensive plates in the cabinets, a chef for example, wants his dinnerware to be durable or depending on the event and its uses. Paper plates for example are more convenient and affordable for picnics rather than using a plate made of ceramics which are heavy. Ceramic plates on the other hand are used for display or in special occasion like a formal dinner. Our ancestors use a carved stone or wood as a plate. Although, stones are not anymore used today but wooden plates are still used in some restaurants to go with the theme. Plastic plates are more popular today in most households because of durability, it is cheaper and is lighter when washed.

Moreover, spoon and fork are usually made of plastic or metal. Plastic spoon and fork just like paper plates are used in picnics and parties because it is lighter and convenient. Metal spoon and fork are used in household and restaurants. Some restaurants do not provide spoon and fork, either they are Chinese and Japanese restaurants or they want their food eaten by hand. There more modern utensil today that is a combination of spoon and fork which they call a spork. Spork looks more of a spoon but has spikes at the end.

Dinnerware sets or dishes nowadays have different forms and types that serve different purposes. So, make sure that if you are buying one it should fit your need whether it will be used or just for a display.

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