Nature: Extraordinary Animals

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DVD 1. Prog. 1. Cheetahs & Lions-In The Cheetah Orphans, experience the joy, heartbreak, triumph, and tragedy as wildlife filmmaker Simon King assumes the parenting responsibilities for two cheetah cubs after a lion kills their mother. Prog.2 In The Desert Lions, join Dr. Philip (Flip) Stander as he pits himself against the forbidding Namib Desert to study rarely seen and understood lions that are making a comeback after being wiped out twenty years ago. DVD 2. Africa’s Incredible Hulks- Prog. 1. Unforgettable Elephants – Award-winning wildlife cameraman Martyn Colbeck has filmed African elephants for more than 15 years as he follows them across plains into jungles. In this retrospective, he shares spectacular footage along with his unique insights about their exceptional ability to communicate, their complex emotions and strong loyalty. Prog. 2. Rhinoceros – Come face-to-face with the world’s five species of rhino, each struggling for their continued survival. For some rhinos, the future may rely on breeding programs, such as at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, home to the only Sumatran rhinos ever to be born in captivity. Hunted nearly to extinction by poachers for their horns, the rhino population has declined more than 80 percent over the last 40 years. DVD 3: The Dragon Chronicles – Ancient maps, legends, and fairy tales all tell of dragons. In nearly every culture, we are told as children that dragons fly and breathe fire. Are they based on real animals? and are there any dragons still to be found today? Romulus Whitaker, renowned reptile expert and conservationist, melds history together with documented science and sets off to find out. Bonus Program: Supersize Crocs- Crocodile conservationist Romulus Whitaker’s fear is that the most colossal of these creatures might no longer exist. Driven by the discovery of a twenty-one-foot croc skin in New Guinea, he sets off on a remarkable hunt to find the last of the leviathans and evidence of the existence of supersize crocs. DVD 4: The Gorilla King-From the mountains in Rwanda comes an extraordinary story of destiny and triumph. At thirty-three years of age, Titus, a 400-pound silverback gorilla has ruled for nearly half his lifeover twenty-five gorillas. When Titus was four, poachers slaughtered his father. His mother and other sister fled, leaving him orphaned. Something in his character led to a remarkable life that researchers–beginning with world-renowned primatologist Dian Fossey and researcher Kelly Stewart, daughter of actor James Stewart–have chronicled since the day he was born. DVD 5: Superfish-For generations, anglers have been hooked by the biggest, fastest, most dangerous gamefish in the sea-the graceful sailfish, the menacing swordfish, and the biggest trophy of all, the marlin, immortalized by Ernest Hemingway in his classic, The Old Man in the Sea. Join dedicated marine biologist and award-winning filmmaker Rick Rosenthal, on a personal quest to film these sword-wielding giants face-to-face DVD 6: Voyage of the Lonely Turtle- Explore the massive Pacific Ocean through the eyes of a thirty-year old sea turtle as she embarks on an extraordinary 9,000-mile migration to breed and lay eggs on the beach where she was born. Instinct will guide her on one of the longest journeys undertaken by any animal on land or sea. From the west coast of Mexico to a small stretch of beach in Japan, this ancient traveler will encounter many dangers to reach her final destination.Factory sealed DVD

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