Luxury Yachts

Luxury yachts may not be anything new but they have become larger in recent years, and when it comes to individuals associated with luxury yachts there is no name bigger than the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Roman Abramovich is the owner of three of the biggest luxury yachts sailing on the world’s oceans. Abramovich’s fleet consists of the Ecstasea, Pelorus and the Eclipse. Pelorus is the world’s eleventh largest private yacht and cost about $300million when it was built in 2003. Abramovich had it fitted out by Blohm & Voss to his own personal taste. It is almost permanent found cruising around the Mediterranean although it does venture further a field during the summer months. The Pelorus though hit the headlines when it was lent to John Terry and Frank Lampard in 2005 for being the best Chelsea players during the previous season. John Terry also was allowed to have his honeymoon on board in 2007.

The Pelorus is though dwarfed by Abramovich’s latest acquisition the Eclipse. When it comes to private luxury yachts there is no larger vessel than the Eclipse, and is a spectacular boat. This though is not surprising when you consider the price that Abramovich has paid for the boat. As far as luxury yachts go there is currently nothing that can match it.

The Eclipse has two helipads and a hanger for a private submarine, additional transport is also provided by four launches and twenty jet skis. It is perhaps the submarine hanger that is most impressive as it is built into the hull of the Eclipse and allows for Abramovich to leave undetected if so desired. Built over nine levels the boat also comes with a swimming pool, several hot tubs, as well as sleeping facilities for twenty four guests and thirty staff. As far as luxury yachts go the Eclipse also has an impressive cruising speed of twenty five knots.

Modern technology also abounds and unlike many other luxury yachts comes with many privacy and security settings. There are light sensors to guard against the flashes from paparazzi cameras, as well as motion sensors to detect intruders. Also in case of airborne attack there is also a missile detection system.

When it comes to luxury yachts, Roman Abramovich certainly has the largest and best fleet going. Then again with the money to spend it would not be unthinkable for him to commence building a larger and better vessel in the near future.

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