Luxury Hotels in the English Countryside

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the English just do not appreciate their countryside. Sure, the English know their countryside is nice – but few actively choose to holiday there. Well, their loss is others gain: From the land's welcoming vegetation to its warm pubs and unashamedly elite golf hotels, everything here is set up to provide unrivaled countryside repose.

The Hotels

The English countryside is dotted with castles, manors and sturdy homes. Once the countryseat to knights, noblemen and royalty, many of these fantastically historical buildings have been converted into small, luxury hotels. So you can truly live like a King – for a night at least.

Bovey Castle in Dartmoor is a good example. This resplendent hotel is as classically English as they come: Shining, vintage cars sit on its drive; stylish rooms feature open fireplaces; diners gather in the Piano Bar or around the Billiards Table for a post-meal digestif. Bovey Castle is also known as one of the nation's best golf hotels. A championship level course winds its way around the hotel's own grounds. Splendid.

Ashdown Park in the Southeast is another wonderful countryseat that offers top-drawer golfing opportunities. Set amidst nearly 200 acres of rolling countryside, this ultra-gentile luxury hotel offers a great family getaway: Dad can hit the greens for a round, Mum can enjoy the hotel's extensive spa, and kids can run wild to their heart's content in the forests and woods that institute Ashown Park's grounds.

Walking Routes

The English countryside is a spider's web of possible walking routes. These routes make for simply excellent daytime strolling – away from the sheer beauty of the land, the terrain is always comfortable underfoot, it very rarely rises or drops so that safety is of concern, and there are certainly no tigers or bears lurking to spoil your peace of mind. In fact, walking in the English countryside is just about as close to rambling perfection as you can get.

Plenty of websites document walking routes, but it's usually much more fun to get a detailed map of the local area and find your own way around.

The Pubs

Arriving at an English country pub after a day spent walking the countryside is probably the most heavenly experience known to man. Invariably these places are small, homely, and infinitely welcoming. With their roaring open fires, their friendly chitchat, and their seemingly endless supply of beautiful tasting ale, English country pubs are simply unbeatable as a place in which to end the day.

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