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With spring just announcing its arrival, many of us are already beginning to look forward to our summer vacations and excitedly planning; considering one possibility then another in the attempt to find the perfect destination for a memorable and relaxing vacation.

You may be one of them – and if not, now is really the best time to start thinking of your upcoming vacation; this gives you plenty of time to plan ahead and find luxury destination resorts which can provide you with a vacation that allows you to return relaxed and refreshed, ready to get back to tackling the challenges of your daily life with renewed energy. Again, it’s always better to plan ahead, since many of the best resorts book up early for the summer months. You definitely don’t want to decide on a destination at the last minute only to find that that ideal vacation spot has been overbooked!

With the current economic climate, perhaps this is a great year to take your summer location a little closer to home. Don’t worry, the Caribbean will still be there later – you can always take a holiday season trip to somewhere tropical. However, there are many great luxury destination resorts which are well worth your consideration right here in the United States which offer you the luxurious accommodations, relaxing atmosphere and a great experience which you’re certain to remember for years to come – you may even find yourself drawn back over and over again to some of these spots.

Summer vacations are all about fun in the sun of course, so you’ll want to visit somewhere which is warm enough to work on your tan as well as get outdoors for some activities. While of course much of the continental United States offers good summer weather, it can get a little too humid for comfort in much of the country come mid-summer. Anyone who’s ever sweltered through a Midwestern or mid-Atlantic August knows this all too well.

Instead, why not go where the sunshine is in ample supply and the air is dry and comfortable. It’s really true what they say about dry heat – it just feels better! The American southwest is the place to be for dry, warm summer weather and there is nowhere better in the entire southwest than Sedona, Arizona for getting some well-deserved summertime rest and relaxation.

Sedona offers unparalleled natural scenery with its unique red rock formations. There are some famous ones such as the Cathedral and the Teakettle which are among the distinctive sights of the city; these alone draw visitors from all over the world. In addition to its striking natural beauty, Sedona has an atmosphere and a relaxed pace which is all its own. There’s something about this place which makes you feel more at ease from the moment you arrive; Sedona is a natural destination for getting away from it all and letting the stress just melt away.

The city is home to several luxury destination resorts which provide vacationers with an eye for the finer things with all of the amenities which you would expect from a top-notch resort anywhere in the world. These resorts provide service which makes what is already a wonderful place to be even better. Sedona is a place which must be experienced to be truly appreciated – there’s really no other place like it in the world and once you visit, you’ll be sure to be a regular visitor. That is, if you can be persuaded to leave this top destination for leisure and relaxation!

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