Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape: Muscle Testing and Taping Interventions, 1e

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Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape: Muscle Testing and Taping Interventions is an essential manual for musculoskeletal therapists seeking to develop competency in the treatment of select clinical conditions using the concepts and principles of the Kinesio Taping® Method.

Focusing on the identification and role of muscle structures, the manual presents length and strength tests covering 68 muscle groups and provides practitioners with a framework to use and reassess the application of Kinesio® Tape.

Endorsed by Kinesio Taping Association International, Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape: Muscle Testing and Taping Interventions is designed as a companion to Kinesio Taping® courses globally (KT1 and KT2).

Key Features:

  • Overview of the Kinesio® method and how Kinesio Taping® works
  • Highlights the anatomy of the muscle and structures prior to taping
  • Step-by-step instructions to a range of Kinesio Taping® techniques, covering the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb, trunk, pelvic girdle and hip, knee and ankle
  • Initial assessment using length and strength/function testing and application of appropriate Kinesio Taping® intervention
  • Assessment sheets provided for each key anatomical area
  • Includes eBook version on VitalSource

Also available as a separate purchase:

A suite of 68 videos covering 8 major body areas with step-by-step instructions and clear demonstrations of the assessment and taping strategies for each technique.

  • An ideal supplement to the text
  • Excellent clinician refresher tool
  • Useful when explaining treatment to client

To find out more about these videos, visit http://www.elsevierhealthonline.com.au/kinesiotape/


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